Stay Motivated in Business

How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in Business

Starting a business is exciting, but making it successful is challenging. According to research, 45% of small businesses fail in the first five years. While the reasons for failure are many, loss of focus and motivation plays a significant role. So, how can a small business owner stay motivated and run their business until it’s successful? It takes dedication, hard work, and lots of focus. You have to constantly remind yourself of your goal. Here are some ways to stay motivated in business and succeed.

Focus on your Mission Statement

Every business person has a motive for starting a business. For instance, Elon Musk started Tesla to accelerate the move towards sustainable transportation. Whenever he sees people buying more Teslas, he not only sees the monetary returns but also a step towards achieving sustainable transportation.

Likewise, identify your company’s mission statement and write it down. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember your startup’s mission and how you would feel if you accomplished it. Doing this will motivate you to keep going even in challenging times.

Stay Motivated in Business

Develop a Routine

When you become an entrepreneur, your time ceases to be yours. You have a family, employees, customers, and other people fighting for your time. If you don’t develop a routine, you’ll feel overwhelmed and quickly experience burnout. Plan your day to the last hour, create a schedule for weekends, and set aside time to rest and reflect.

In addition to creating a routine, adopt healthy habits such as going to the gym, listening to TED talks, meditation, and relaxation. Maintain a good work-life balance.


One big hindrance to success in business is rigidity. Entrepreneurs fail when they do not adapt to changing conditions in the business sector. The ability to move with the flow of economic, social, and political conditions is essential if you want to stay motivated and grow your business.

Learn From Mistakes

Business mistakes can be demotivating, but they are part of your growth. Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, has several lessons to share with young entrepreneurs who feel demotivated by a few mistakes. The British billionaire says failure is necessary for business and wise business leaders should learn from them and keep going. He also advises entrepreneurs not to feel embarrassed by mistakes but to learn from them and start again.

You’ll make several mistakes along the way as you build your business. Instead of feeling defeated, let the failures motivate you to start again and work smarter using the lessons you’ve learned.


Everyone needs rest to stay motivated at work. Entrepreneurs are some of the most overworked people, most get only six hours of sleep daily. The medically recommended sleep duration is at least eight hours. If you don’t rest, you become unmotivated and your productivity goes down. You may also become irritable, creating fear among your employees.

Are you struggling to stay motivated as you run your business? The above tips will help boost your motivation so you can build a successful business.

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