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Motivational and inspirational short stories about life – The Retiring Carpenter (Story # 16)

The motivational stories create a positive and optimistic impact on our life. These are key to building our character and make us what we are today. In the series of our “Motivational and inspirational short stories about life”; today we are going to cover a story – “The Retiring Carpenter“. This is among one of the stories, which are close to my heart. This motivational story will help you to understand importance of keeping your promises . The story encourages to fulfill your commitments to the best extent possible.

Motivational and inspirational short stories – The Retiring Carpenter

There was a  highly skilled carpenter who was just about to retire. He was retiring after a long and dedicated career in building houses. He was master in his work and was extremely famous for his extra ordinary work.

At the very beginning of his career, when he joined a prominent contractor, he had been required to make a very special promise. The carpenter had to promise the contractor that every house he built, would be built as if it was the most important project he had ever been given. He also had to promise that every house would be built with full of creativity, dedication, love and care.

Getting ready to retire, the carpenter went into his boss’s office to inform him about his plans. The carpenter said, “The house I have just completed would be my last. I would like to retire from the services now”.

The boss said, “I am sorry to see you are leaving our organization. May I request you to be kind enough to do a final favor for me?”

The carpenter replied, “Please sir, tell me what can I do for you?”

The boss said, “Just build me one more house, then you’re free to go.”

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The carpenter, who respected his boss to a great extent, agreed and immediately started to work on the new house. But unlike every other house he had built over the past few years, he did not use the full extent of his expertise with this final one. He took every shortcut he knew, to finish the project in record time. The only reason behind it was, he wanted to begin his second innings after retirement at the earliest. He cut corners, used inferior material and hurried to get the task over with.

Within weeks, the carpenter completed the house. And finally, the carpenter called his employer and  showed him the house.

The employer was very happy and grateful to him. He said to the carpenter in a gentle tone, “Thanks for doing this personal favor for me”.

Then the employer handed over the carpenter some papers and keys to the front door and said, “These are for you. The house you just built is my parting gift for all your years of hard work and dedication.”

The carpenter was astounded. He could not believe that the home he had just built was his own. If he had known this, he would have put his very best into it.

Short Story

Moral of the Motivational Story

The motivational story -“The Retiring Carpenter” communicates a very strong message. You must keep your promises and fulfill your commitments. The carpenter broke his early promise. He failed to keep the promise he had made to his employer and to himself, the promise that he would do his work with excellence and true mastery of his craft. As a result he did not put in his full efforts to build his own house. Just because he breached his commitment, he ended up living in the only inferior home that he had ever built.

Similarly, in our life we break promises and end up living in less than ideal circumstances, circumstances that we have created by our own actions. The short motivational story makes us to realize that whatever we do in our day to day life, we should do it with utmost passion and love just like its for your own self.

Therefore, build wisely !!! Hope you have a great life !!!

So that’s all from my side in this post. Over to you now, I and Invajy readers would love to hear your thoughts  and learning from this motivating story. Please feel free to share them in comments section.

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  1. This is a good story to encourage us to be dedicated and faithful in all our dealings because whatever we are doing will be accounted for in the end. Let us build our lives wisely. Mathew 24 verse 13 – But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

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