Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals or Couple Goals every couple must achieve

Working on building the best relationship of your life? Relationship Goals are extremely important for close relationships. Whether you are just married or you’re looking to tie the knot to make a lifetime commitment to another person, it’s worth reflecting on what makes for real relationship goals, those things that will improve your love and help it last for a lifetime.

What are your relationship goals?

If I try to define relationship goals, the first few words coming to my mind are – values, behavior, efforts or experiences to target for perfect bonding in your intimate partner relationship. Relationship goals are all about what you do and which truly matters when it comes to the chemistry between two people… It’s about how to best give and receive respect, understanding and love in your relationship.

Here are few tried and tested strategies and practices which can strengthen your relationships. Use these relationship goals or couple goals tips to boost your chemistry and make your bond more stronger. A happy relationship requires nothing more than these small-2 efforts.

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals #1 – Accept and embrace imperfection

Every human being is a package in this world. Everyone have got few good things and at the same time some limitations. It’s important relationship goal to remember no one is perfect; so you need to accept and embrace the imperfection of your partner.

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If you introspect, you will find that even you are not perfect and have some flaws in your personality, actions and behaviors. You and your partner are two imperfect people who love each other and have chosen to go into relationship of lifetime. Be more realistic about your and your partner’s imperfections. Accept each other for who you are.

This understanding and embracing of imperfection works good for any relationship in your life.

Relationship Goals #2 – Never break communication

Out of my experience, the most powerful relationship goal is to never break communication with your partner. Conflicts are part of any healthy relationship. I have often seen people create boundaries and stop talking to each other after arguments, fights and conflicting situations. This is not a healthy sign to stop communicating; even if it may last for couple of days only. Communication breaks the barrier and people what often do is opposite – they create barriers by breaking the communication.

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In fact, you must improve your communication with each other; keeping in view different upbringing, past experiences, strength and weaknesses of each other. Even a romantic text with a anniversary quote or loving greeting card on birthday communicates your love and affection towards partner.

Often talk to your partner about feelings, experiences, needs and expectations. Also make room for him/her to talk about his/her feeling, needs and expectations. This is natural and integral part of any healthy relationship and strong emotional bond.

Relationship Goals #3 – Stand beside him/her

This relationship goal is crucial for a long-lasting relationship. Stand right beside your partner, no matter how difficult or challenging situations are. When you provide this support system to your partner, you build the trust, confidence and loyalty in relationship.

This is not only about tough days, in situations of happy moments celebrate together. Both the partners have their own dreams and aspirations. Rather than being jealous of these goals, or disapproving of them, partners must always be supportive of one another. Help each other to achieve individual goals.

Create partnership not the competition. Both of you must support the success of your significant other. Go beyond mere supporting to a step ahead – push and inspire each other to think BIGGER… Such relationship goal helps both people feel closer and strengthens the relationship, overall.

Relationship Goals #4 – Create understanding

The way you see the world is not necessarily how your partner sees the world. Respect their worldview. Every individual is different. Not everyone speaks the same love language. Making the efforts and understand the language your partner speaks is one of the important relationship goals to enhance your bonding.

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Create an understanding in between you. A level of understanding, where even if your partner do not say anything, you understand what’s going on in his/her mind. You must be able to read and understand the emotions, desires, expectations, feelings, body expressions, mood and behavior of your partner.

Reading the partner’s state of mind through his/her eyes helps you change your behavior and respond in a better way. Learn to understand his/her silence to avoid the storm later.

Relationship Goals #5 – Don’t interfere

One of the relationship goal to avoid conflicts and strengthen the relationship is to divide the household chores equally and not to interfere in each other’s areas of responsibility. It also includes not to challenge the decisions taken by partner in his/her area of responsibility. When you do this, you not only make other feel accountable for the activities required to maintain a good relationship but also give a feeling of satisfaction that both are contributing to maintain the relationship.

Financial freedom, parenting, shopping, house maintenance to vehicle insurance; all such areas can be mutually decided and divided. Neither of the partners should feel burdened or as if she/he is being taken advantage of.  Do not fall for the traditional gender biased roles i.e. expect your female partner to take care of the home and male partner to ensure financial freedom. If female partner is a working women; then males should help in maintaining and managing homes also. Equal division of labor can be practiced and you can do this by constantly communicating with each other.

Relationship Goals #6 – Change behavior

Often relationship goal advice given by relationship coaches is about changing the behavior. One need to make few adjustments in his/her behavior to make the relationship successful. But real change happens when both individuals take individual responsibility for their own behavior and change. When you feel accountable to bring behavioral changes to make relationship more strong and long lasting, it gives magical results.

Relationship Goals #7 – Venting

Emotions are foundation of any relationship. You can not discuss relationships without emotions; the two go together.  Emotional maturity and intelligence matters a lot in love and romantic relationships and it helps you build stronger relationships. Create a good emotional intelligence. Learn to handle your emotions. Don’t dump them on your partner. Emotional dumping puts strain on your relationship.

Adopt a more positive approach to deal with feelings of frustration and anger through venting. Venting will help your relationships and emotional health.

Relationship Goals #8 – Give Personal Space

You may feel a little panicked if your partner says that he/she needs some breathing room, but space can be a positive force in a relationship. In fact, it can be a great thing.

Honor their request and allow your partner to have space. Learn to take some “Me time” too. Make sure that you have established your personal space boundaries. The couples should have occasional time alone with their friends or just by themselves. This helps individual partners to recharge and reconnect with themselves.

Relationship Goals #9 – Spend Quality Time

During the early stages of your relationship it’s normal to spend a good amount of time together. Everything is fresh, exciting and new and you just want to get to know each other in every aspect. After a while, when you move ahead; due to individual careers goals, professional commitments, community gatherings, family obligations and busy life routines, it’s become difficult to spend enough time together.

Always make efforts to spice up your romantic relationship by spending some one-on-one quality time together. Find time to have fun and laughing at each other. Hang out together, go on movies, make a trip and have long drives. Perhaps have a weekly or monthly designated “date night” so that you are more likely to commit to doing it regularly.

Relationship Goals #10 – Emotional Bank Account

The difference between happy and unhappy couples is how they manage their Emotional Bank Account.  Invest in your relationship and keep depositing in emotional bank account of your partner. It’s not specific topics like finances, parenting, sex, or dealing with difficult in-laws that creates distance between couples. It’s failure to emotionally connect which creates problems in relationships.

Just like a real bank account, a zero balance is trouble, and a negative balance is the real danger zone. So make less withdrawals and make more deposits. Partners must pay attention to the each other’s needs and express much interest in things that their partner cares about. They should respect each other and do the things which bids for connection and emotional intimacy in relationship.

Relationship Goals #11 – Express Gratitude

Gratitude can bring wonders in your married life. Express often your gratitude to your partner for all the good things he or she brings in your life.  Find strengths, positive qualities and traits of your better half and be thankful for having such a wonderful partner in your life. Gratitude provide enough of the positivity required in your life. It takes you up from the state of lacking to the state of abundance. Grateful couples are more satisfied in their relationships and feel closer to each other.

Relationship Goal #12 – Learn each other’s love definitions

Learn and understand how does your partner define love. What are the things, actions and behavior that make them feel loved. Strong couples often aim to love each other unconditionally. This means supporting each other through thick and thin, good times and bad. Sitting down to chat about how you like to give and receive love can help clear up miscommunications, establish expectations, and forge a more solid bond between you and your partner. Seek and offer healthy feedback.

Over to you now, that is all from my side in this article . I hope you enjoyed this post on relationship goals. Please share your experiences and views on couples goals or relationship goals in the comment section below. I and the other readers will love to learn from your experiences.

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