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35 Inspirational and Motivational Short Stories about Life with Moral

Motivational and inspirational short stories and fables with moral have been part of our life since childhood. All of us have heard these from our parents, teachers and elders. Such inspirational short stories have a valuable lesson wrapped up and presented as a compelling tale. Once in a while, we come across the such motivational short story which makes us think and motivate to imbibe the learnings / lessons in our life. Many of my self improvement blog readers and followers requested to start posting motivational and inspirational short stories about life. Keeping that in view; sometime back we started a series of motivational and inspirational short stories about life. In this post we are curating all those short stories at one place for your convenience.

Life is like a cup of coffee (Short Story # 1)

Motivational and inspirational short stories about life

Life is like a cup of coffee is an inspirational short story of a university professor and his students, who gather at professor’s home after a long time. This is a classical example of how can we have a different perspective about life. The short story communicates a very powerful message that the true meaning of life is not the materialistic achievements, but going that extra mile in the journey of life which enlighten you the real purpose of it. A must read for everyone, specially the middle age group.

Nail on the fence (Inspirational Short Story # 2)

Inspirational Story Nail on the fence

Nail on the fence is a short story of a father and his arrogant son. In this story; father communicates the lessons on anger management very powerfully. This is an old motivational short story and one of my favorite. The story motivates  to bring a change in your personality trait which will make a noticeable impact on your relationships and interpersonal skills.  A perfect short inspirational story to share with your kids and make them understand how anger can ruin their life.

Is the jar of your time full ? (Inspiring Short Story # 3)

Time Management Story

Is the jar of your time full ? This Time Management Story teaches the skills of prioritization  in a wonderful way. A must read for the readers looking for improve on decision making skills, prioritization of things and achieve achieve balance in life.  The story explains of importance of time in a simple way and give insights on how to use smaller time gaps for completing small – small jobs.

The Starfish Story (Motivational Short Story # 4)

The Starfish Story Short Stories

Inspirational Short Story # 4 – The Starfish Story is a story of starfishes and a little girl. This story explains the importance of hope, perseverance and being the change. This is a story of confidence about taking an initiative to bring the change. It’s about how one step towards changing the world can make the difference. I read this story again n again; every time I read it, I get energized with a new energy to bring the change in the society.

Empty your Cup (Short Zen Story # 5)

empty your cup Zen Story

Empty Your Cup is a classic Zen Story and very close to my heart.  This is a story of a university professor, who meets a Zen Master to learn the pearls of Zen wisdom. What an incredible lesson professor learnt from the meet. We all behave like professor in day to day, so go on and learn the strong message this short story communicates in very simple words.

You are made to Fly High (Short Inspirational Story # 6)

Motivational Short Stories

The story #6 – You are made to Fly High in the series of Inspirational and Motivational short stories about life is a story of a King and Two Eaglets. This short inspirational story gives great life lessons to the people who want to change but have fear of unknown. The story will encourage and motivate you to achieve flying success in life.

100 Camels (Short Inspiring Story # 7)

Short inspirational Story

The short motivational story 100 Camels gives insights on how to deal with the problems in life. It’s a story of a young boy James and a Saint. The conversation between the James and the saint will give you immense vibrations to put your thinking cap ON and look at the problems in life with different perspective. This story will inspire, entertain, educate and bring smile on the your face!

Self Appraisal (Short Motivational Story # 8)

motivational story self appraisal

Self Appraisal is a story of a little boy and grocery owner (who also runs a telephone booth). The grocery store owner observes the conversation the boy had over phone with someone on the other side of the phone. The little boy’s confidence on his own competencies and skills will encourage you believe in yourself.

Everything happens for good (Short Stories # 9)

inspirational stories

Everything happens for good  an old story of a king and his friend. The king and his friend were out on a hunting expedition. The sequential incidents explains very well that we should be grateful for everything which happens to us. We must always be optimistic towards life and look brighter parts of the things.

The Baby Camel and his Mother (Short Story # 10)

inspiring story baby camel and mother in the zoo

The Baby Camel and his Mother (Inspirational Short Story #10) is story of a baby camel and mother as the name suggest. It inspires people to bring in change when the surrounding environment is not in congruence with your talent, competencies, knowledge, skills and experience. A classical story which will make you think – are you at the right place and doing right things?

Sharpen your axe (Inspirational Story # 11)

inspiring story sharpen your story

Sharpen your axe, Short Story # 11 of the Inspirational and motivational short stories series about life, is the story of two woodcutters named Charles and John. It tells you how to increase productivity and the  importance of reinforcing  your knowledge, skills and competencies.

Five More Minutes (Short Stories # 12)

Five more minutes inspiring Story

Five More Minutes is a emotional and heart touching Story. A thought provoking story which makes you think about your relationships. The inspirational story communicates powerfully the importance of living in the moment, work-life balance, prioritization and time. One of the pearl in the sea of inspirational stories. I highly recommend all of you to read this.

Potato, Egg & Coffee Beans (Short Story with moral # 13)

Inspiring short story with moral - potato , egg and coffee bean

Potato, Egg & Coffee Beans” is very inspiring short story and has powerful moral behind it. This story is about a chef, his wife and their daughter. The little girl get a burly message from his chef father, when she get depressed to to life problems and challenges. When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond to the situations that matters not the size of the problems.

The Window Seat (Inspirational Short Stories # 14)

Inspirational & Motivational Short Stories

Motivational Short Story – The Window Seat  is a story of two patients who get admitted and occupied the same hospital room. The story inspires to spread happiness everywhere. There is nothing more satisfying than to see someone smile . When you bring happy moments in others life, this itself make you happy too.  The story communicates very well the role of mindfulness and courage in life also.

The Fisherman (Motivational Story # 15)

Inspirational Story - The Fisherman and businessman

Short Story – The Fisherman is one of my favorite again.  This inspiring story is a story of a fisherman and a successful businessman. Being minimalist, living in the present moment and making work life balance are some of the learnings from the inspirational story. The story also encourages to find happiness in small small things of life.

The Retiring Carpenter (Short Inspirational Story # 16)

Short Story

The inspirational short story – The Retiring Carpenter will create a positive and optimistic impact on your life.  This story is about a carpenter and a prominent contractor. The Short Story highlights the importance of keeping your promises in life. It encourages to fulfill your commitments to the best extent possible.

The Elephant Rope (Motivational Short Stories # 17)

motivational story Elephant Rope

The Elephant Rope is the Story of belief. It explains very well – How your beliefs can change your life… This is one of the most empowering short stories I have read in my life till date. You can not achieve success in life till you keep hanging onto a false belief  that – you cannot do something . Come out from the “Elephant Mindset” and you will notice the remarkable positive changes in life.

Life is a race (Motivational Story # 18)

life is a race motivational story with moral

The Motivational Short Story – Life is a race is short story # 18 in the series of inspirational and motivational short stories about life. This short motivational story will teach you how to run in the race of life. The success has no meaning if you do not take along with the weaker and needy people surrounding you.  It is not important that you win or lose , it is important how you run the race…

Rich Dad & Wise Son  (Short Motivational Stories # 19)

Short Inspiring Stories

The short inspiring story – Rich Dad & Wise Son is one of the gem in the collection of inspirational short stories. This heart touching story is about a father who was very rich. He wanted to teach his son how fortunate his son was being from a wealthy family. But it was the dad who learned the lesson, from his wise son.  So go on and read this story to know how poor the dad was in reality.

The Saint and the Scorpion (Inspirational Moral Stories # 20)

Motivational Story Saint & Scorpion

This inspirational story with moral – The Saint and Scorpion is wonderful reminder of being yourself. How not to get affected with the negativity of surroundings and keep your behavior intact according to your ethics, values and principles. It does not matter how big or small the stimulator is; you should follow the path of your Dharma.

The Black Balloon (Inspirational Short Story # 21)

Inspirational Story with moral

Inspirational Short Story – The Black Balloon communicates a powerful message – It’s inner beauty that counts not the outer one. The balloon seller makes little boy understands this in very simple words and I am sure the conversation between two will force you to rethink how do you look at the things around you. It gonna change your perception that black does not mean negativity.

Puppies for Sale (Inspirational Stories # 22)

Inspirational Stories

Short Story – Puppies for Sale is a heart touching inspirational story. The short story is about a little boy who interacts with a pet shop owner during his visit to the pet shop. The story communicates a strong message to have empathy. When you put yourself in another persons shoes, then you have better understanding.

A Glass of Water (Inspirational Stories # 23)

A glass of water inspirational story

Inspirational Story – A Glass of Water is a story which enlighten the need for giving breaks in life during stressful times. The story beautifully use the analogy to make people understand the concept of stress for a long time.  Emotionally intelligent people sometimes put aside the stress and figure out a better strategy. It will help you to deal with the long term stressed conditions.

Two Shoe Salesmen (Inspirational Story # 24)

Inspirational Stories

Two Shoe Salesmen is one of the most famous motivational stories on the entrepreneurial circuit. The story beautifully presents how your attitude can make a difference in your success in life. You need to see opportunities in all the difficulties and challenges that life holds around you. Look into the things in totality as a whole and tap the opportunities.

The Value of Money (Inspiring Story # 25)

Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Story –The Value of Money is a short Story on Self-Worth. It communicates a very powerful message through 100$ bill that we should never lower down our self-value and self-worth in spite of all failures and disappointing events in life. Always appreciate our self-worth and never lose hope in life.

The White Wolf vs Black Wolf (Inspirational Story # 26)

Motivational Stories with Moral

Inspirational Story – The White Wolf vs Black Wolf is about a wise, old Cherokee American Indian; who explains beautifully internal conflict inside us. He teaches about it to his grandchildren is a very simple language. The Story force us to introspect which wolf is dominating inside us. And, What to do to ensure that white wolf win the battle of internal conflict.

Happiness is within You (Inspirational Story # 27)

Happiness Story

As the name suggests, Happiness is within You is a beautiful story about happiness. Toady, everyone is in search of happiness and to achieve it.  Attaining happiness is a global pursuit. This inspirational story is about a sage; who shows the real path towards happiness to a rich man. An inspiring story, which makes you think. Also enlightens you to search the happiness inside you instead of materialistic things of outer world.

The Group of Frogs (Motivational Stories #28)

Inspirational Stories with moral

Inspirational Story # 28 – The Group of Frogs is about two frogs who fell into the deep pit and how their other friends’ words affected their lives. The story beautifully communicate how encouragement can make a difference in someone others’ life. Hope you all will like it and learn something from it.

A Farmer and A Baker (Inspirational Story #29)

Inspirational Story - A Farmer and A Baker

Inspirational Story # 29 – “A Farmer and A Baker” is an Moral Story based on two friends; one of them was Farmer and another a baker.  The story gives the important lessons fairness, honesty, trust & Integrity in life. Also communicate a strong message how your Karma play a important role in your life.

A Dish of Ice Cream (Short Story # 30)

A Dish of Ice Cream

The Inspirational Story # 30 – A Dish of Ice Creamis a heart touching story with two characters, a little boy and a waitress. The inspirational story beautifully refreshes the simple life lessons about kindness, patience, and generosity. The story also reminds to spread happiness, wherever you go. Your small-small acts of kindness brightens the day of other people.

The Tortoise and the Hare (Short Story # 31)

The tortoise and the hare story

The Inspirational Story # 31 – “The Tortoise and the Hare” is one of the popular fable. You all must have grown up hearing this inspirational story.  But this one is a more interesting and new version of this story, which goes beyond traditional belief  slow and steady wins the race.  Many more new learnings from this new version. A true example of TEAMTogether Each Achieves More.

The Black & White Pebble (Inspirational Story # 32)

Inspirational Short Stories

Here is an another inspirational story in our series of Motivational and inspirational Short Stories. Inspirational Story # 32 – The Black & White Pebble  is about a farmer and her beautiful daughter. How a moneylender wanted to ditch them and the response of farmer’s daughter makes it a classical example of “out of the box thinking”.

Butterfly Cocoon (Motivational Story # 33)

Butterfly Cocoon

In the series of inspirational Stories, here is another Inspirational Story – Butterfly Cocoon. This inspiring highlights a really important learning about life that our STRUGGLES develop our greatest STRENGTHS. The story is about a young man, who notice a beautiful transformation of nature and show his kindness. What happens next teaches him a life lesson, which he never expected.

Power of Silence (Zen Story # 34)

Power of Silence

The Zen Story “Power of Silence” is a life transformative story which teaches profound wisdom hidden within silence. Learn how Kiyoshi’s journey to enlightenment unfolds and how the power of silence can offer clarity, growth, and a deeper connection to the world around us. The short story is inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhism and offers a profound lesson about the power of silence in our daily lives.

Value of Your Life (Inspirational Stories # 35)

Inspirational Story - Value of Your Life

The Inspirational Story “Value of Your Life” is about a father and a son. In the story, the father beautifully teaches a lesson to his son on his curiosity about the value of life. If you too feel that you don’t know what your value is, this story will make you understand that each and every one of us is a priceless treasure, and you just have to know where and how to find it. An interesting story having wroth to be in included in our series of stories.

Thank you for reading this post on Motivational and inspirational short stories about life Series.

I hope you have enjoyed this amazing collection of short stories. Which Inspirational Story inspired you most? Please share in the comment section below. Please also let us know any inspirational short story missing and you would like to get included in this collection.

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