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Achieve Success or Be Successful – Are you successful ?

A boy was running in a tournament. It was  an elimination round and the last lap of 1500 meter race. He was lagging in earlier laps; but during this last lap he came up with stretching his abilities and he won the race by a margin. The boy finally achieved a success but the question comes in my mind “Is he successful?”

Achieve Success or Be Successful

Unfortunately definition of success in today’s generation goes like; one who has money, has achieved success. But I repeat my question “Is he successful? Many intellectual people say successful person is one who fulfills his dreams, achieves his goals and targets. Here, I will try to explain you the difference between Success and successful. There is an extremely thin line in between them.

Difference between success and successful

Attempt to do or to perform anything with positive frame of mind with out worrying about outcome or result; you may win or lose, if you win you have achieved the success. But if you lose, still you are successful.

The highest mountain peak of the world Mount Everest’s elevation is 8,848 m. All the mountaineers who sets the target of climbing it; are not able to achieve in a first attempt. One who climbs it – is a part of success and successful. One who didn’t climb the Everest due to certain reason definitely is not a looser; in my opinion he is also successful candidate. At least he has courage and patience to climb the Everest. He may not get success even in the second attempt but he is successful for his efforts and courage.

A student getting 75% of marks is also successful. Even a peon serving you water in your office is also successful. Just because they have attempted to do things and far better from others those who are sitting idle and generating fear of results. They will neither make themselves successful nor get the success. You can assume the negative result of an attempt but on the other hand you can achieve positive result of an attempt.

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Successful – A bigger Umbrella

A well educated person having wealth and prosperity has put a lot of time to achieve this financial success, but he fails to maintain his health and relationships, he may not be called successful. A basket of Mango can be considered as basket of fruit, but the real basket of the fruits would be having apple, orange, grape, banana, watermelon, strawberry and litchi etc. in it. Mango is one fruit; but mango is not the only fruit.

Being successful is a bigger umbrella. The financial success, health n wealth, prosperity, good human relations and helping incapable are small success parts of Successful person. In fact failure is important part of successful life. Making a balanced life is Successful life. People may have different priorities. Some may have career at priority, some may have family, some could prefer health but there should be balanced approach towards all the aspects of successful life.

 “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill

Earning money can be a part of being successful; however, only earning money cannot be called successful.  Someone anonymous has beautifully said,

Money can buy you entertainment but not happiness.
Money can buy you a bed but not sleep.
Money can buy you a clock but not time.
With money you can buy a book but not the knowledge.
Money can buy you a position but not respect.
You can buy medicine with money but not health.
Money can buy you blood but not life.

Achieve Success or Be Successful

“One who attempts positively is always a successful”

 “One who attempts and wins is on the path of success and successful too”

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