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Inspirational Stories with moral – The Value of Money (Inspiring Story # 25)

Inspiration can come from all sorts of sources. Inspiring stories with moral are one of those inspirational sources. By reading motivational and inspirational stories, people become more energetic and cheerful. We are covering here such inspiring short stories in our Motivational and inspirational Stories Series. When you’re truly desperate for a dose of inspiration, these inspirational stories will never disappoint you. In this post, I will share with you Short Inspirational Story # 25 – “The Value of Money”. This is an Inspiring Story on Self-Worth and and one of my favorite. So, without wasting much of your time, lets begin with the story.

Motivational and inspirational Stories # 25 – The Value of Money

At the beginning of a new school year, a class teacher stands up in front of her students holding a $100 bill. She tells them, “Put your hands up if you want this money”.

Every hand in the class room goes up, to which the teacher says, “I am going to give this money to someone here, but first, let me do this…”She takes the bill and crumples it up in her hands, then asks, “Who still wants it?”

All the hands in the class room remained up.

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The teacher then drops the bill on the floor, stomps and grinds it into the ground, and picks it back up. “How about now?” she asks again.

All the hands in the class room still remained up. Not a single student’s hand went down.

“Class, I hope you see the lesson here. It didn’t matter what I did to this money, you all still wanted it because its value stayed the same. Even with its creases and dirtiness, it’s still worth $100.”

The teacher continues, “It’s the same with us. There will be similar times in your life when you’re dropped, bruised and muddied. Yet no matter what happens, you never lose your value.”

Moral of the story:

This inspirational story about a $100 bill communicates a powerful message that we should always appreciate our self-worth and never lose hope in life. Even the most crumpled and torn dollar has worth. You too have the value and worth in spite of all failures and disappointing events in life.

Life’s hardships are inevitable and we’ll all have to through tough and challenging situation at some point, often though no fault of our own. Don’t let these challenges alter your feelings of self-worth. You’ll always be enough; you have something unique and special to give and offer the world.

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  1. Really this story is worthy and inspirational. No matter how shattered we are but our value remains absolute . So never let oneself down in the adverse condition. Every sunset ends with bright morning

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