Motivational and inspirational short stories about life

Motivational and inspirational short stories about life – Life is like a cup of coffee (Story # 1)

There are many motivational stories, which have a valuable lesson wrapped up and presented as a compelling tale. Once in a while, you come across the such motivational story which makes you think and motivate to imbibe the learnings in your life. Many of my blog readers and followers have requested to start posting motivational and inspirational short stories about life. They feel that the inspirational vibes which this self improvement blog spread across the globe will get reinforced with inspiring stories about life. Therefore, on their overwhelming requests, I am starting a series of motivational and inspirational short stories about life. This is Story # 1  – Life is … like a cup of coffee . The lessons from this motivational story will help you look at things in different perspective, lift you up, and make your load a little lighter.

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Inspirational and Motivational Short Story # 1 – Life is …like a cup of coffee

A group of best friends decided to have their alumni get together at the residence of one of their favorite university professor. The professor was very popular among university students and had been mentor for many of them. They finalized to make a surprise visit to professor. All planning was done and on predefined date they visited their most popular and old university professor’s house.

It was quite a happy moment for not only professor; but even for the all friends (students of professor) also as some of them were meeting after a long time. Everyone was trying to know whereabouts and the developments in their friends life after leaving college. They shared with each other, how did they move ahead in life. Few became a good leaders having senior positions in corporate world; whereas few were doing good in the business world. All of them had got married and having wonderful family. Everyone had his/her own timing of life in achieving the milestones. There was quality conversation going on, but somehow the conversation soon diverted to complaints about work, relationships, ‘stress‘ & ‘tension’ in life.

The professor offered them coffee and went to kitchen to ask his wife to prepare coffee for all his students. After 10-15 minutes, his beautiful wife came with a pleasant smile.  One thing was to be noticed that she brought coffee in different kinds of cups !!! (crystal cups, glass cups, ceramic cups, shining ones, some plain looking, some ordinary, some exquisite and some expensive ones …). The students thought that professor may not have the same kind of cups and due to large number of guests; his wife has served the coffee in different cups.

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When all of them had a cup in hand, The professor said, “If you noticed, all the nice looking & expensive cups are taken up, leaving behind the ordinary, plain and cheap ones !!!”

It was surprising moment, as nobody noticed that there were some extra cups of coffee and while having their cup, nobody took the ordinary cups and all of them were left on the serving tray.

The professor continued, “Every one of you wanted the best CUPS. While it is, of course normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that can also be the source of much of your dissatisfaction, problems and stress and tension in life.”

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All the friends got confused and were looking towards professor; they could not understand; what’s the connection with having a coffee in chosen cup with the STRESS and TENSION of life.

Professor continued further and explained after seeing their curious face, “Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases, it is just more expensive; and in some cases even it hides what we drink. What you really wanted was COFFEE, not the CUP ! But you consciously went for the best cups… and then you began eyeing each other’s cups.”

Always remember one thing , If life is coffee; and jobs, money, status or position in society & love etc. are the cups !!! They are just tools to hold and contain life. The type of cup we have does not define or change the quality of life we live. Please don’t let the CUPS drive you !! Enjoy the COFFEE …!!!”

Motivational story life is like a cup of coffee


Moral of Motivational Story – Life is like a cup of coffee

Most of the people concentrate only on the cup and fail to enjoy the coffee. We keep our focus on outside beauty and appearance, whereas; the real quality and value lies inside. Savor the coffee and not the cups ! The happiest people in this world don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best out of everything.

Sure, a nice looking cup may help make the experience of drinking the coffee interesting. But no cup in the world, no matter how exquisite, can ever compensate for the horrid taste of bad coffee. In fact, it’d be undrinkable. So coffee inside cup is more important than the cup itself.

At the end of the day, it is vital to know what does make you happy and what does completes you. There is no need to fret too much about how the cup looks like from outside. It is about the quality of its content. And we define what that very content means to us.

Don’t run for money, success, career, status and prized possessions. Always try to live life with full of mindfulness. The true meaning of life is not materialistic achievements, but going that extra mile in the journey of life which enlighten you the real purpose of it.

What is life ?

They say it’s from B to D … from Birth to Death … ; But what’s between B and D ?

It’s a ” C ” Choice

Our life is a matter of choices which we make,

Live well and it will never go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed this motivational story. We will keep adding more inspirational and motivational short stories about life on this self improvement blog. Thank you for reading this one. If you want any motivational story to be covered, kindly let us know. Please add your valuable comments, they are much appreciated.

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  1. It is helpful for me. Actually, I was loss and trouble in life to get myself before I haven’t reading this stories. Thanks a million for it.

    1. Really, this story is amazing. It has a real sense of what life is in reality. We must focus on the happiness of life rather complaining what we don’t have in life. Be grateful to what the almighty has given you to enjoy and don’t worry about what you don’t have.

  2. Yes,truly nice one.I appreciate your work,keep doing it.It will become a turning point in the life of someone.Good luck.

  3. Hello my family member! I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and include almost
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  5. A very beautiful story. Life holds so much and chasing after the “things” in life often leaves one empty-handed. I’ve found that it is the people and experiences, the love and kindness, compassion and zest for life that make a big difference. It is those little moments that mean so much. If we’re not careful, they pass by so quickly that sometimes we miss them.

    1. Yes, Agree with your views Don Shetterly…..most of the people leave empty-handed. They keep chasing the “things” which are illusion and has has less significance….those doesn’t make much of difference during life….

  6. Nice & bbeautifu. It’s true we go for the elegant. But my problem is 5 ppl sits for an interview, same qualifications , intelligence , all are same. I think the selectors will go for the best presentation?

    1. Vipula, presentation is not the cup here….. it’s one of the ingredients like sugar, milk or coffee beans…. The cup is physical appearance…. say for example one candidate is pigmy (short in height) and selectors does not select him just for the reason being pigmy…. I hope that clears you the message this story communicates…..

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