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110 Daily Challenges Ideas for “30 Day Self Improvement Challenge”

Life is a series of experiments. Taking Daily Challenges as an experiment can bring a big difference in your life. You evolve and grow through different challenges you accept and the obstacles you overcome. One step, one activity or one habit may change your life forever. Daily challenges redefine your beliefs, push your comfort zone and nourish the good inside you. It makes you a Better you.

Setting personal challenges will bring both fun and self-improvement. Once you commit yourself that every day you are going to challenge yourself to do something new, which have never done before; life will become more exiting and fulfilling. So, be the change agent and explore these Daily challenges ideas to bring phenomenal change in your life. You may shortlist the daily challenges from list below and take a “30 Day Self Improvement Challenge”. 30 days will be a perfect amount of time to truly challenge yourself without feeling overwhelmed.

30 Day Challenges Ideas

Daily Challenges

Here we go with the daily challenges list for setting personal challenges

  1. Become an early riser. Wake up an hour earlier.
  2. Make 5 new connections a day. making new connections expand your horizons.
  3. Say No. If something does not fit in your life, just say no. It’s really that easy.
  4. Unplug and reduce screen time. Stay away from your smartphone/Smart TV. Eliminate/cut back on social media and/or TV.
  5. Spend some time in the sunshine. Vitamin D is essential for our health.
  6. Take a risk. Risks are entry door for opportunities. Think about the pros and cons instead of automatically turning the idea down.
  7. Practice Gratitude. Appreciate what you’ve got before it’s gone. Before sleeping count down 10 thing which happened during the day, for which you are grateful. Start a gratitude journal.

"30 day challenge ideas"

  1. Keep a journal. Keeping a journal can help you reflect on your past, checking progress and introspection.
  2. Travel to a random place. Explore the place where you have never been before. Solo travelling will be more exiting. Travel on a small budget through hitch hiking.
  3. Sleeping challenge to have adequate and quality sleep. Set a bedtime and stick to it.
  4. Live a day as a minimalist and strive to only use things that serve a purpose.
  5. Spend quality time with loved ones, family and friends.
  6. Start reading a new book. Books are one of the best ways to learn more and explore the world around you.

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  1. Self discipline is important. Live a disciplined life.
  2. Collect Smiles. Did you Smile Today? Be the first to smile and bring smile on other’s face.
  3. Stop searching for happiness. We search the things which we don’t have. Happiness is with in you.
  4. Declutter and clean your office or home.
  5. Kill that procrastination. Don’t procrastinate on anything.
  6. Empty your inbox.
  7. Create a new morning routine.
  8. No sugar. That’s about it. No-sugar day it is.
  9. Review your work-life balance.
  10. No Junk-food for a day. Only healthy balanced diet.
  11. Fight with your fears/phobias. Pick one fear/phobia that you have and take that first step today to work on it.
  12. Remove a bad habit. Pick a bad habit that you have and commit today to make that change. It may be smoking, boozing, nail biting, back-biting or overeating.

30 Day Challenge Ideas

  1. Be more active physically. Take at least 10,000 steps, every day, for the next seven days. Park in the back of the parking lot to get in extra steps. Take the stairs in place using lifts.
  2. Create a vision board then hang it up in your room of office space.
  3. Manage your time effectively and make the best use of your time.
  4. Positive self-talk or affirmations will make the difference.
  5. Keep track of how much water you drink – you should be drinking almost a gallon a day.
  6. Be mindful and live in the present moment. It can be mindful eating, mindful walking or mindful cooking.

Practice being present

  1. Do fasting promote healthy detoxification and reboot your system. You may even try Intermittent fasting.
  2. Give up the plastic water bottles, containers and polythene bags.
  3. Give yourself the personal space.
  4. Write down all your expenses. Get your finances in order, create a budget planner and take save money challenge.
  5. Volunteer for social service in the community.
  6. Call a family member or close friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  7. Have dinner with your parents. This may be toughest one for few.

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  1. Throw a party.
  2. Learn from the mistakes in the past.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Create a playlist of songs that make you feel good.  Ensure 15 minutes of listening to your favorite music
  5. Let go of grudges and try to forgive. Put down your emotional baggage.
  6. Meditate for 20 minutes.

Meditation Benefits

  1. Research someone who inspires you.
  2. Plant a tree. Give green future to next generations.
  3. Take up a new hobby.
  4. Learn to play a new musical instrument.
  5. Practice Yoga and pranayama.
  6. Play outdoor games.

30 Day Challenge

  1. Hit for gymming
  2. Go a month without makeup.
  3. Give away the items to needy which you have not used in last two years.
  4. Donate and do some charity.
  5. Maintain hygiene and take bath daily.
  6. Schedule time to do absolutely nothing.
  7. Learn to cook.
  8. Speak less and listen more. Speak only 50 sentences in a day.
  9. Empty your cup to learn new things.
  10. Create a daily to-do list.
  11. Quit gossipping
  12. Welcome criticism to improve your personality.
  13. Stop blaming yourself for the decisions you have taken in the past.
  14. Don’t be afraid of results. Be more process oriented and less result oriented.
  15. Extend your help to brighten someone’s day.
  16. Eat meals without your smart phone or TV.
  17. Talk about your mental health with someone.
  18. Give a compliment to someone.
  19. Curtail your expectations from others.
  20. Stop comparing yourself with others.
  21. Make relationship goals.
  22. Show a random act of kindness.
  23. Stop complaining about life.
  24. Accept the things and stop making excuses.
  25. Write down a  motivational quote or some powerful thought you heard each day.

30-Day Challenge Ideas

  1. Don’t take challenges as a threat explore them as an opportunity.
  2. Don’t stop your negative thoughts, be an observer and let them pass on.
  3. Have patience and wait for the right time. Everyday can not be a goody-goody.
  4. Work on dreams which do not let you sleep.
  5. Increase your vocabulary. Learn five new words daily – write down a sentence using the new words.
  6. Spare some time and sit in nature.
  7. Stop dining out in restaurants/hotels for a month.
  8. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Go to shops instead of malls.
  9. No status updates, no photos. Spend a week without posting anything on social media.
  10. Sanitize your personal belongings. Cell phones on which you are reading this article right now might be the dirtiest thing you touch all the day, with 25,127 bacteria per square inch.
  11. Pay off your credit card on the  salary payday of every month.
  12. Do not get provoked and use negative comments, get irritated or angry.
  13. Keep a food journal. Count your calories intake to stay healthy.
  14. Practice daily self care. Here’s a list of self care ideas that you can consider adding to your plan.
  15. Get a preventive health check-up done. This is extremely important in 40s to have periodic preventive health check up. maintain your health history.

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  1. Secure a source of second income.
  2. Take a 30-day vacation from work.
  3. Organize your digital files.
  4. Reach 5 minutes early at workplace. Don’t do rash driving.
  5. Switch off the electrical appliances, if not in use.
  6. Find a way for self expression. Start blogging, write poems or paint with colours.
  7. Practice writing with your non-dominant hand.
  8. Prepare your outfit for the next day the night before.
  9. Grow an herb and vegetable garden. It will help you to consume more organic food.
  10. Minimize the amount of waste you dispose of every day.
  11. Lessen your interaction with toxic individuals.
  12. Enjoy a romantic activity with your partner or spouse.
  13. Buy a meal for someone less fortunate.
  14. Practice Self-love. Forgive yourself for the mistakes done in past. Don’t feel guilty for anything.
  15. Building self-confidence. Accept Challenges, persevere and do the thing which scare you.
  16. Taste something new. Give your taste buds a new experience.
  17. Ask – “Why am I doing this?”. Find the purpose of your actions.
  18. Go for a movie along with KIDS.
  19. Listen an inspirational Podcast.
  20. Request feedback from someone daily.

That’s all from my side in this article on daily challenges. Thank you for reading this. Over to you now, please let us know your Daily Challenges Ideas for “30 Day Self Improvement Challenge” . Share them in the comment section, they are much appreciated.

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