How to build self confidence

How to build Self-Confidence for success in life?

Self-confidence is an essential part of human personality to achieve success in life. In today’s world of 21st century, there is no shortage of competition; therefore no place for the people who have lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of life (professional, social or personal), yet so many people struggle to find it. Lack of confidence creates lack of speed in life; it’s like driving through life with your hand brake on. Low confidence level inhibit performance by inducing fear, anxiety, worry, and stress, which may drive people to give up sooner or later. During my counseling sessions so many people have asked how to build confidence, or how to be confident. In this article, I will be sharing in detail how to build self-confidence for achieving happiness and success in life.

Characteristics of a confident person

One thing I would like to mention here; when I speak of self-confidence, I am not talking about blind arrogance. Further, those that people who are over confident fall into yet another category.

Following are the characteristics of a confident person.

A confident person:

  • believes in own abilities
  • is aware about own strengths and weaknesses
  • is optimistic
  • does what he/she believes is right, even if it’s unpopular
  • shows willingness to take risks
  • accept the mistakes and learns from them
  • set the bar high enough and aim high

How to be more confident or build self-confidence?

If you are one of the people who are low in self-confidence, there is good news for you that confidence does not come through genes, and you don’t need to depend on others to increase it. Confidence building is a bit tricky, because confidence is built on different things. You need to bring few changes and that will boost your self-confidence. Here are the tips how to gain confidence and be confident in your actions for achieving results.

How to build self-confidence

Gratitude for building self confidence

Being grateful for what you have in life and for what others have given you, is a very overwhelming activity. Gratitude for what you have in life gives you sense of achievement for smaller aspects of life, which you ignore when your expectations and dreams are high. Saying “Thank you” also makes your relationships strong and you attract more respect from your relations. Respect and attention from society helps you to build your self-confidence.

Stop Procrastinating

Overcome procrastination and gain self-confidence. So many studies have been done on the effect of procrastination on human mood and self-confidence and as expected the results are not so great for procrastinators. Procrastination is a natural response to difficult tasks. Let’s test it here

Answer these two mathematics questions

  • 5 + 5
  • 24 x 79

Have you found the answer of both of above ?? OK, lets move ahead then.

I bet here , what would have happen with most of you, when you saw 5 + 5, you could have quickly figured out that the answer is 10, but when you saw 24 x 79; you did not take the time to calculate it and moved on to read this article. Well, this is what procrastination is all about – ignoring or delaying the difficult task. If you go back and notice when the task of solving 24 x 79 came, your brain had already started things like – this is a multiplication problem >> too big number >> it will take some time >> move on and read article further. You procrastinated for the difficult and time consuming task. You can learn how to stop procrastinating and when you do, you will achieve more. It will boost your confidence and you will feel less stressed.

Increase competence

Increasing your competence through knowledge gaining, skill development, studying, practicing and training boost your self-confidence manifolds. Acquiring competencies and empowering yourself with knowledge reduces your fear of unknown. You are more prepared to face challenges and your problem solving capabilities are increased.

You are the only person on earth who can use your ability. ~ Zig Ziglar

Help someone and build self-confidence

Be the change, help someone and bring the change in the life of someone. When you know you’re helpful to the people around you, and are making a positive difference in other people’s lives. It increases your self-confidence and sense of purpose in several ways. First, by improving the life of others, you enhance your value in those people and in turn society. Second, volunteering requires coming out of your comfort zone and give back to society. Third, it reduces your social anxiety and you deal with more people and feel confident. Fourth, it boosts your feel good hormones, and it happens instantly.

Positive affirmations for building self confidence

When you use positive affirmations, you increase the manifestation potential of your dreams and desires. When you achieve those dreams and desires, it gives you sense of achievement. This sense of achievement helps you to build your self-confidence. Not only this, positive affirmations are one of the most powerful tools to deliberately establish desired beliefs about you. Affirmations can improve your self image and change the way how you view yourself. This boost your belief in self which ultimately ensures you be more confident.

Set small and achievable goals and build self-confidence

More often, people set unrealistic or unattainable goals; it results in either become overwhelmed with the challenge or never get started. Always try to set small and achievable goals in the beginning. Gradually adjust your small goals to bigger achievable goals. For an example if you wish to run full marathon and are anxious that you would not be able to achieve this goal. Do not start your day zero training session with running 26 miles. In the beginning; start according to your current physical abilities. If you are not a runner at all, set a goal to run just 1 mile. If you can run 10 miles relatively easily, then begin with 13 miles (half marathon).

building self-confidence

Surround yourself with positive people

Take deliberate and conscious decision to surround yourself with positive people. People, who are mindful of the positives in their life, create more positive energy. Living in the company of such people brings optimism and positive energy in your thoughts and behavior. Optimism will help you develop your self-confidence and drive you extra miles on the road to career and life success.

Work on your appearance to build self-confidence

You don’t have to look like Irina Shayk to start building your self-confidence. If you want to feel more confident about, who you are and how you look, then take care of yourself by showering daily, brushing and flossing your teeth, skincare, wearing clean and fit clothes as per your body type, regular haircuts, and ensuring that you’ve spent some time with your appearance. This doesn’t mean that superficial looks or style will make you feel more confident, but making an effort to your looks tells your brain that you’re worth caring about.

Self care to build self confidence

Like working with your appearance, also ensure putting in some time for other self care activities. You must ensure sound sleep, exercising daily and healthy and balanced diet. It will improve your overall physical and mental well-being. With sound physical and mental health you will be confident in every aspect of your life. I personally follow few morning rituals for self-care and spend around first two hours before 7 AM. It includes meditation, exercising, gratitude and mindfulness session. I also read positive good morning quotes to collect more positive vibes. It has transformed my life in many ways.

This is all from my side, over to you now. I hope you enjoyed this post on how to build self-confidence for success in life. Please share your experiences and views on to be confident in the comment section below. I and the other readers will love to learn from your experiences.

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