come out of comfort zone

How to come out of your comfort zone?

There is an old phrase “Well begun is the half done”. Have you ever noticed the importance of beginning? And it’s often the very first step that’s the hardest step to take? Many people are not able to generate the escape velocity to come out of comfort zone and take that first step and begin. The first page of the book is tough to write. The first day at the gym is the worst. The opening line of your story takes the longest time. But as you gain momentum, it is easier to keep moving and your goals see the light of day.

You have to stretch yourself to come out of the comfort zone & be willing to move into the challenge zone to achieve happiness, peace and success in life. Always remember that the best things happen when you’re uncomfortable.

How to generate the escape velocity to come out of comfort zone?

Exercising the guts to start any thing beyond your comfort zone has been always the biggest challenge. Don’t know where to begin? Let us try to understand – How to generate the escape velocity to come out of comfort zone?

come out of comfort zone

Invent Yourself

You are your own raw-material. You are your own sculptor. When you know what you consist of, and what you want to make of it, then, you can invent yourself. Take the initiative and generate that escape velocity to come out of your comfort zone. You cannot do everything. But, you can certainly do something. You should not fail to do that something, which you can do. Ensure than you never feel in future that you missed the opportunity. You will have satisfaction that you tried irrespective to the results.


Our greatest enemies, the ones we must fight most often, are within. What lies behind us, and what lies in front of us, are small matters compared to what lies within us. Do some deep introspection and try to realize the root cause. You will find that you are subconsciously resisting the uncertainty/impermanence, which is the very basic nature of your brain. Once you are able to figure it out you change your mind-set and you will be feeling more comfortable.

Visualization helps breaking comfort zone

If you can visualize your result, you can see exactly how to make it happen. Visual images make you mentally ready for the challenges to be overcome in the process of achieving something. There is a great deal of power in imaging a discrete, positive outcome; it enhances our self-confidence and believe in own abilities and potential. Visualization is also a very powerful tool to handle fear of unknown and low self esteem, which pulls you back in comfort zone.

come out of your comfort zone

Be Responsive to Change

It is not the strongest of the species, that survives, or the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change. Reluctance to change is the biggest friend of comfort zone. Always be ready and responsive to change. The only thing which is constant and continuous in this universe is change. You need to be adoptive to change your thoughts and accept the challenges. You might find yourself enjoying something you never got the chance to explore earlier.

Find a Safety Net

Build a safety net of comfort around you and push to expand your comfort zone. Bring along persons who will be supportive of you. Find people who are very good in niche which is challenging you. They will have the competencies, knowledge, skills and extra resources you can learn from. They will be there to help you out if you fall in crisis.

Research and Take Classes

Throw away your assumptions about what will happen and get curious instead. Try to learn about the niche which is bugging you. Do your own research and take classes. Training programs, courses and seminars are the fastest way to find new experiences. You can learn something completely different. It will reduce your fear of unknown and you will be able to stretch your competencies and skills.

come out of comfort zone

Taking risks and coming out of your comfort zone can lead to big rewards. Stretching/expanding and breaking out comfort zone most of the time results in growth. You will feel less boredom and find the life adventuress filled with lot more opportunities for exploration. You will improve as a person stepping in the new life filled with health, wealth, success and prosperity. Even if you fail sometimes, it will make you feel good that you have overcome your fears.

Over to you now, let us know your tips and tricks to come out of comfort zone. Share with us your experiences in comment section.

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