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Master the art of acceptance and live a peaceful Life

Master the art of acceptance, if you want to live a peaceful life. Essentially, accepting “pain” (or situation, or relationship, or reality, or experience) causes less suffering than struggling vainly against it. Desiring something which is out of your control always causes more pain than accepting the same. By accepting; I do not mean that you start agreeing, liking, supporting or choosing it. Your physical or emotional pains would remain on its place, by accepting you will conserve your energy and will reduce your focus on it compared to other important things in life.

What you can not change and can not influence should not be of concern to you. Finding acceptance will be incredibly challenging, but I can assure you it will bring you the deserved peace of mind and happiness in the long run.  Sometimes, the only choice we have is to surrender and stop fighting the inevitable. You must understand that you don’t have control on everything and accept the life the way it unfolds. I have listed for you a few tips which you can start using to cultivate acceptance into your life.

Stopping comparison brings peace for mind

Have you ever looked at someone else and envied his/her life? You may find that he/she has a great job, good friends, positive attitude, wonderful family, noticeable social status and everything seems to be working for him/her? You probably imagine that you would feel so much more peaceful if your life was like his/her.

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Stop comparing yourself with others. Different people have different competencies, talents, skills and situations, everyone is unique and has own timing in life. Living a peaceful life is not so much about having the perfect set of circumstances or situations. Living a peaceful life is about finding acceptance of your limitations and life events. This can be challenging when you are facing troubling circumstances. The power of acceptance means that you can rise above your life’s challenges and keep a joyful soul no matter what.

Change what you can change

“I’ve always been overweight. I’ll never be healthy,” or, “I want to quit smoking. This addiction will never leave me,” or, “I’m angry young man. I never will master this temper,” and similar comments reflect the idea that life is inevitable and nothing can be changed. Some people believe that acceptance means that you just stop growing, changing, and striving toward your goals. Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. This doesn’t mean, ‘If you think you can’t do something, accept it’ – that would be giving up rather than accepting.

However, some things are within your control. You can practice self acceptance by appreciating your own abilities and using them to gain control over factors that you are able to master. Change what you can change, perfection is impossible for anyone, but you can strive for imperfect progress.

Accept the truths of life for peace of mind

No one wants to experience pain, disappointment, sadness, or loss. But those experiences are a part of life. When you attempt to avoid or resist those emotions, you add suffering to your pain. Much of your distress arrives from resisting your present experience and struggling with what already is there to face. That resistance creates anxiety and frustration, and you find yourself in a constant battle you are bound to lose.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

All the things are not in our control and we can’t change each and every thing or salutation which is not acceptable to us. Accept the things or situations which are unchangeable and are out of your control. When people face illness, disability, job loss, and other challenges, often these things are nothing that could be avoided. Rather than continually trying to figure out ways that the problems could have been avoided, just accept the truths of life.


“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” ~ George Orwell

Let go and give acceptance for different thinking

Everyone wants to be loved, liked and accepted, but many persons spend too much of time and energy worrying about what other people think about them. Stop worrying what other people think of you and be more carefree. You must make a conscious effort to let go what others think about you. I know it’s not easy, it’s a skill that needs to be practiced, like mindfulness. But once you master how to let go, you will see the world as entirely different. Also, try to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. You must accept this that different people have different thinking, so what they feel about you will also differ. This will increase your peace of mind and you will feel less stressed.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility of your life, situations and relationships. Stop blaming to other people, situations and circumstances. In reality, blaming only results in more negativity, bitterness, frustration, resentment, and powerlessness. You must take the ownership, whatever you are facing, you have played critical role in it. Blaming other for it does not make any sense. You must take the responsibility and accept it.

In short, you must master the art acceptance to live a happy and peaceful life. It is okay to mourn your pains, disappointments and losses. Some pills are quite bitter ones to swallow. But don’t mourn too long. Try to spend more time looking forward to the new possibilities that life might bring you. Conserve your energy and move on to the future opportunities and possibilities.

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