praying or begging

Are you praying or begging?

Hey guys, I am going to share with you a thought provoking real life incident which happen just couple of weeks ago. On a weekend, I visited one of the very busy markets of town and was enjoying street food with family. Suddenly, I noticed that one very old woman tried to touch me. She must be in her 70s wearing dirty clothes and thick specs. She was asking for some food. I ignored her once but my son said to me that if she is hungry why are we not helping her, she is not capable of earning and even she does not have proper vision. I tried to convince him that begging is a business now a days, they are more selfish and always try to take things from you.


The real Story begins here

The real story begins here. Surprisingly he kept convincing me with his own logics. I was stunned with my son’s queries.

He asked me without taking a moment, “Dad, we have a car?” I said, “Yes“. His next question was, “We have our own house”. I replied, “Yes“.

He again asked me, “Are we well settled?” My answer was the same, “Yes, my son, with the grace of god we have everything”.

But then again he asked one thing, “Do you pray to god or you beg in front of him for all these things?” I replied softly, “I pray to god”. He asked me, “What do you ask to god during your prayer?” I replied, “I pray to god for health, wealth, prosperity and for many more things”.

The little champ continued…

Though, I was still unable to figure out, what my son was trying to communicate. The little champ continued and there came his next query, “Dear dad, have you named your prayers to god as – you are begging to GOD daily?”

He said, “The beggar was only asking for food which is very cheap in terms of money; but we daily beg in front of god to give us luxurious life and many more things, which are very expensive in terms of money. But any how God is gracious to us and manages to give us all those things. God has never said that this is the business of human being, many human are corrupt but not all. Some beggars are doing it as business, but not all.”

My son asked, “If she is asking for food that means she looks god in you. Don’t look at it as she is begging in front of you, see it from the perspective, she is doing prayer.”

By the time, I was stunned and there were many thoughts which started bugging me. I was full of tears that even I think, I am intellectual, I can’t differentiate between prayer and begging which has very thin line. Prayer is simply dialogue with God and god always has been kind enough to give all the resources I required.

That’s all from my side in this article. What do you feel, are we praying or begging? Please share your views in comment box and let’s try to understand why are not we beggars?

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  1. I guess we are begging and bragging at the same time…. Lets have discussion whenever we meet….

    However this is a fantastic write up to wake up sleeping soul.

    1. Thanks Naveen Totlani ji,

      We will keep posting inspirational stuff like this.


    1. Right Nitin,

      We are high class suited booted beggeres, who feel not less than god in any situation.


  2. Keep up the learning, even your kids can teach you great stuff :).
    Very well written.. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Thanks Hemang ji

      Yes, our kids can teach us lot many things.

      Fully agree with you


  3. My son’s next query, “Dear dad, have you named your prayers to god as –

    you are begging to GOD daily?”

    After Read it

    My mind has choked ….

    Kitni sacchi baat boli hai bacche ne

    Amazingly written…..

    Mind blowing🙇🏻‍♂🙇🏻‍♂🙇🏻‍♂

    1. Hello Divyansh,

      Your words inspire us to write such articles.

      This is a true incident, which happened with Rohit few days back

    1. Thanks Nikita.

      Please subscribe the blog for getting new posts right in your email.


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