World of Words and Emotions

World of Words and Emotions

llWorld of Words & Emotions is extremely beautiful. Being a poet by passion, I understand the importance of this silent world. In this post, I will be sharing with you; how words and emotions affects our day to day life. Once you will read this article till end, you will be able to know better the “World of Words & Emotions” and how to use them to improve the quality of your life.

Deep Connection of words and emotions

Words have deep connection with the emotions. What we speak (words) resemble your inner emotions. I will just share with you an example. A college friend of mine visited to my house for a dinner on last weekend. During the conversations he shared with me a incident that happened with him a week ago. He and his family were on a boat and suddenly they faced the jerks in the boat. All of they were afraid about the situation and started creeping down praying for help from GOD. His narration about the incident was very spooky and my son got scared.

This is how my friends emotions affected his words. This is not just the end of “World of Words and Emotions”. Can you imagine the emotions of my son who was listening to the whole story? The power of words is the real game, which we all play unknowingly. This game can uplift the momentum or even can destroy the feelings or or make it worse. My college friend could have just briefed the incident; that he felt frightened when he just experienced the pull in the board.

World of Words and Emotions
The deep connection between words and emotions play a critical role in our day to day life. The mood you have adopted right in the morning decides the path for the rest of the day; where you have billions and millions of words to say. If you are in a happy state of mind you will have a pure world of words and emotions and if your state of mind is puzzled or say not happy you can even not imagine how destructive and disrespectful words you can utter out of your mouth.

Chain Reaction

Imagine you are starting for a positive day and all of sudden on a road you met a small accident. The colliding vehicle made a dent on your car. It was not your fault still you have to pay to the mechanic to get the car repaired. Your mood got spoiled just because of that incident. All of sudden you feel that it was not a dent on your car, it was a dent on your emotions. Now you reached the office and you scolded your office staff without any reason with the “World of Words & Emotions”. Your car accident made one more dent through you to your office staff. Your staff had a frustrated day and in the evening at home passes that dent to his wife. His wife passed this to her maid on next day.

The “World of Words & Emotions” spreads the emotions like a chain reaction and will only stop if you control your own world of word and Emotion.

World of Words and Emotions

How to manage the World of Words and Emotions?

I know now the big question comes in your mind is how to manage the Words of World and Emotions? Controlling the emotions is not an easy task.

People climbing Mount Everest or going in search of Volcano just don’t get it only by dreaming. Lots of hard work, practice and persuasion is there behind their winners face. A small failure doesn’t mean you are a failure for life time. Similarly a small success doesn’t mean you are an unstoppable hero. In both cases you have to be manage your emotions and be persistent with your constant efforts.

Close your eyes and imagine the water before the Dam is calm and constant, once the gate of the dam gets open the same calm and still nature of the water gets converted into turbulent flow. Same happens to your mind: it becomes turbulent just as somebody opens the gate of a dam of negative words and emotions.

“W” is very interesting character if you positively apply it. “W” stands for Wait and reverse of it is “M”, and “M” Stands for Mind.

Just wait/pause for some time. Instant reaction results in peak and cliff doesn’t allow anyone to stand for more time. Great people always choose the right path and result in success.

Pause Art

Pause is an art which you can develop as you practice along your life and always try to differentiate what is to absorb and what is to reflect. Can you just note the benefits of keeping you pause for 10 sec; when someone pinches you or when irritates you. I will let you know.

A pause can avoid the situation which can result in havoc…

One Small pause can give you time to think and give some strategic time to reply…

A pause is a blessing which can result into boon…

Manage your world of words and emotions and be the driver of your own car. Don’t give keys to others as they will drive rashly and you may meet an accident; you may avoid such incidents.

Maintaining happiness is an art but being happy just need one smile.”

That’s all from my side in this post. Please share your experiences and views on words and emotions in the comment section below. Those are much appreciated.

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