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Posi-Positive Approach – Glass is always full

All of you must have heard about being positive and looking at positive part while ignoring the negative part of issues, incidents and life. There is a classical phrase on this that whether glass is half empty or half filled, depends on how do you look at it. A particular situation could be a cause for Pessimism (half empty) or Optimism (half full) for different individuals. It depends on their perception or view point how they look at the situation. Perception is unique to every individual and is simply one’s interpretation of reality. If you want to do a simple test whether you are pessimistic or optimistic, simply look at the glass and tell if it’s half full or half empty. As the Optimist assumes half-full and the Pessimist assumes half-empty. I have kept hearing this a proverbial phrase since my childhood that always give emphasis on half filled part of the glass. But do you know that technically glass is always full.

The posi-positive approach – Glass is always full

I personally suggest you to look at glass with Posi(tive)-Positive approach. What am I trying to communicate here is , why should you see the glass as half empty or half filled. Technically the glass is always full. It has half water in it and remaining half is filled with air. Look at the things in totality, there is no positive or negative. when it’s associated with empty word, it becomes negative and with full, it becomes positive. Positive and Negative feeling is not absolute, it’s relative and will vary from person to person.

“Life is a creation of the mind.” ~ Buddha

Think broader and think bigger. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to look at the glass as half full. Also always question your own assumptions.

” Glass is always full…….. technically it’s always, always full. “

Glass is always full

Delete negative word from your dictionary

The posi-positive approach is going a step ahead from positive approach. Try to look at negative aspects as positive only. You need to remove negative word from your dictionary. Tell me now… how many of you still consider that glass is half empty? Well this approach has changed my perception all together; and I look at the things differently. I am sure, it will changes your perception too.

So next time you find yourself looking at the glass; remember that the glass is always full.

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ Shakespeare

Look at the things in totality

One quote of Helen Keller is “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”. My question is why should I look the shadow as negative? Keeping your face towards sun will not remove the shadow. Its still present, look at it in totality, the posi-positive approach says presence of shadow means your existence. That is the truth of life. Imagine, you turn your face to see your shadow and you don’t see it. Gosh…. your existence itself is a question, if you don’t see the shadow.

To conclude, look at the things with holistic approach. There is nothing positive or negative , if we have not been trained to think like that since our childhood. Negative part is positive only, you just need to remove the goggles which you have been using all these years. Go beyond looking things as positive or negative, its posi(tive)-positive…. nothing is negative. Perceive the world as everything is positive, and you will find that you are more satisfied with your life.

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