Change Your Mindset

Signs that it’s time to change your mindset

Mindset plays a substantial role in achieving success in your life. The right mindset changes everything because it changes your perspective towards things. When you change how you look at things, it changes your behavior, actions and experiences. By understanding, acclimatizing and changing your mindset, you can excel in every area of your life. But, how do you know when it’s time to change your mindset? After all, you’ve been thinking the same way for as long as you can remember. Here are the signs that let you know that it’s time to change your mindset.

“When you change your mindset; you see a new world all around you.” ~ Invajy

Change Your Mindset

Signs that it’s time to change your mindset

Warning Signs that it is time to change your mindset

Constant complaints about things

When you start complaining about the same things over and over again then it’s time to time to change your mindset. Whether it’s raining, hot weather, traffic, crowdy roads, internet speed, your relationship with your spouse or family, the neighbor’s barking dog, government policies or education system; you find problems in everything. This is a clear sign that your mindset is contaminated with negativity.

Change your mindset and start accepting things. Understand the duality of life and look at the things in totality. Be grateful for the things you have in life express gratitude for brighter side of life. Trade your complaints for appreciation.

Impulsively Angry

When you constantly find that you yourself, people or situations surrounding you does not meet your expectations; you get frustrated and feel annoyed. If you notice that all of sudden you are red in the face, yelling at the top of your voice. This leads straight to another red flag. This is a clear indication that your expectations are unrealistic.

Anger Management

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Your expectations are a huge part of our mindset. Unrealistically high expectations lead to dissatisfaction and lay the groundwork for bad experiences. Review and rationalize your expectations with self, people and situations in life.

Victim Mentality

When you always find yourself blaming other people or situations and develop a belief that the world is against you or it always happens to you. Then; you are definitely overdue to change your mindset.

Constantly viewing yourself as the victim does not permit you to change or build a better life for yourself. It’s not necessary that such feelings are always inaccurate; sometimes you really get victimized by bad people or unfortunate circumstances.  But, playing victim game won’t take you anywhere. Deal such situations with courage and conviction.

Change Your Mindset

Avoiding Challenges

Challenges make you feel uncomfortable. You start looking towards challenges as problems. What if…? But…, or I can’t…; such kind of negative self-talk halts you to accept the challenges. You give up when obstacles get in your way. It’s a sign that it’s time to change your mindset.

Overcome the challenges by changing your mindset; you can break through and achieve your biggest goals in your life. Look at the challenges as opportunities for personal growth and success. Next time when life throws an unfamiliar or tricky challenge your way, embrace it. Even if you mess up along the way, you can be sure that you’ll do better the next time.

You may also accept Daily Challenges for changing your mindset.

Daily Challenges

Feeling Bored

You find nothing exciting in life and feel bored. When, you don’t find your career challenging anymore, lost excitement in relationship and things does not remain funny as used to be. Then, it could be a sign to change your mindset.

When you get bored, you often find yourself to turn to smartphone, to drugs and alcohol, gambling, or Tetris —things that occupy your time but don’t satisfy your desires. Boredom is a signal that tells you that whatever you are doing right now is failing to satisfy you in some important way.

Leverage this boredom to learn something new and exciting. Unlearn to learn new things and empty your cup.

Fixed Mindset

When you start noticing the signs of fixed mindset i.e. questioning your own abilities and competencies; at the time believing that your qualities, intelligence, talents and natural abilities are just innate. You feel that those can’t be developed. These are the clear indications that you need to change your mindset.

growth Mindset

Here is the practical and effective guide on how to cultivate growth mind-set.


Feel Guilty

Are you feeling guilty about something? Guilt is one of the most disruptive feelings that can turn into toxin and destroy your entire life. Guilt can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress including difficulty sleeping, loss of interest, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and social withdrawal. If you are experiencing excessive irrational guilt; It’s time to change your mindset.

Respect your own decisions, Agonizing about what you should have done differently will only drive you crazy. Stop overthinking and move on. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Realize this mindfully and practice self-compassion.


If you find yourself dwelling on the negative thoughts; it’s an alarming sign to take action and change your mindset. Rumination causes sadness and low mood by not allowing you to get over anything.

negative thoughts

Get away from negative thoughts and develop positive mindset through mindfulness, gratitude and positive affirmations.

That’s all from my side. I hope, the above signs will help you to know that it’s time to change your mindset.

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