tips on developing patience

How to keep patience in life?

Life comes at its own pace with lots of ups and downs. Patience is virtue and key to Success. You must infuse your cells & subconscious mind with it. You must imbibe it in your habits, and then it will become your attitude. Once become attitude, then it will become your character and ultimately will reflect in your behavior. Then you will feel that it has changed your life altogether.

Patience definition

Everyone wants instant gratification and wants things without waiting.  Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, waiting, trouble, frustration or suffering without getting angry, agitated or upset. It is not to hurry up in reacting; and being able to control your emotions and impulses. It is also about remaining calm and cool when faced with difficult, tough or frustrating situations in life.


Patience is a virtue

There is a proverb “patience is a virtue”. The literal meaning of virtue is “Behavior showing high moral standards”. Patience is considered to be a virtuous behavior because there are several benefits of developing it.Benefits of developing patience

Before we move forward and discuss on the tips and strategies to develop patience, let us first understand the benefits of keeping patience in life. Following are the advantages of developing it.

Tips and strategies on how to develop patience

Great things take time. Patience is virtue and one of the essential life skill. Here are the tips and strategies on how to keep patience in different situations of life.

Patience to be patient

It takes time and lots of effort bringing patience in your behavior. It’s an ongoing process. There will be days where you’ll get it and there will be days where you’ll get tired and you’ll feel like to give up. Be gentle with yourself and show yourself the scenes of beautiful life you will have after practicing patience. It will take some time to imbibe it in your day to day life.

How to keep patience?

Patience with human provocation

When you work with human beings, you find so many people who provoke you to do wrong things, show bad behavior and speak unpleasant words. Take a pause, keep your mouth shut and think before you act or speak. Patience and inner strength is a key in finding the solution to such situations which you don’t understand right away. Throw away the thought and intent of attack first and ask yourself to respond later. You react or respond to situations makes a big difference and that is done through patience only.

During misfortunes

There are times; when lean periods will come in your life and you will find nothing is going in your favor. Hold on and face the situations with open mind. God sends his blessings at the most unexpected times. Stay with patience, the miraculous is coming. !! Don’t ask, “Why me?” always say, “Try me”. Trust the timing of your life and adopt the pace of life.

How to develop patience?

Patience while dealing with own emotions

Many times we feel restless and take quick decisions out of emotions. But when we look back; we find that we could have dealt with the situation in a better way.  One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. We must have willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

How to Keep patience in life

Make Yourself Wait

The best way to practice patience is to make yourself wait. Start with something really small like waiting a few extra minutes to drink that glass of juice and then move on to something bigger. This gradual way to make yourself wait deliberately will help you to develop patience. You will begin to gain more patience as you practice.

Technology driving impatient behavior

Technology has helped us in faster communication, getting information and our surrounding gadgets, systems, and services are only moving quicker to meet our expectations. The point is that we expect results right away. Organizations are working on nanosecond delivery of services. Amazon is testing delivery drones to expedite transportation time. McDonald’s is testing a delivery system, so the customer can get their food as quick and convenient as possible.

While it’s increasing our convenience and efficiency, I personally believe that this pattern of expecting instant results is dangerous for our future. In wanting everything to happen instantly, we lose patience to hold out for more-fulfilling opportunities and dreams.


Practicing meditation to calm your mind. Patience is an inherent part of a calm and clear mind. You will experience less impatience once you start a regular meditation practice.

Family and personal life

I have seen in today’s throat cut competitive environment, few people are not able to make a balance in between their professional and personal life. People are carrying their bad experiences at professional fronts to their home. It has become normal phenomenon to lose patience with your parents, wife and kids at home. Respect your blood relation and ensure to behave with patience. Nobody else would be there beside you except them, when you will have worst days (God forbid) in life.

Patience in professional life

Professional Front

Every human being is different in this world. People have different educational background, competencies, skills and experience. Your subordinate colleague, customer, vendor and any other interested party can just be frustrating sometimes. But by being patient with professional contacts, you will allow them to prove themselves to you and to others. Hand in hand with patience comes encouragement, and you might be surprised by what a kind word can do to somebody. Give people time to learn things for themselves, offering gentle guidance, advice or suggestion all through the way. If they make a mistake, don’t give up on them. Allow them to recognize the error and then correct it. It might take a couple of tries, but the result is worth it.

Over to you know, share your views and experiences about patience in life and how to develop it..

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