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7 Tips for Effective Communication Skills

Communication ….. is it really important to communicate at all?? Can you think of human life without communication? Just imagine, what would happen if you are not allowed to communicate or talk for a long time? Communication is an integral part of our life.  Communication is dynamic, continuous, and irreversible but at the same time reciprocal in nature. We need to communicate in personal as well professional life to transfer information, build relations and express our thoughts, ideas or emotions. While you communicate it is very important that it’s effective. It means what you are trying to communicate; the receiver receives the same information. Effective Communication skills are the most significant and fundamental characteristics for success in everyday life as well as career or business.

Lets try to define effective communication before we move forwards towards the effective communication strategies or techniques.

Effective Communication Skills Definition

An Effective Communication is a communication between two or more persons wherein the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood. If you can’t transfer the intent of communication or the receiver does not understand it, the communication can’t be said effective communication. The effective communication  not only includes the way you use the words but effective communication also covers several other skills such as, non-verbal communication, body language, ability to understand your own emotions as well as of the other person with whom you are communicating, engaged listening skills and ability to speak assertively, etc.

Effective Communication Strategies

Following are the few tips to improve communication skills, which can help you to communicate effectively.

Language barriers

Whenever you communicate with anyone use a language which is easy to understand for the listener on the other end. If you speak in English and the receiver does not know the English language, the communication will not be effective and the desired information will not be transferred. Always try to eliminate language barriers while communicating. Speaking in English to a person who only knows French language will not serve the purpose. Language barrier hinders the communication when you speak to people of different geographies and you’re never sure if people really understood what you meant.

Body language – Key to Effective Communication Skills

 “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” ~ Peter Drucker

Body Language Communication Skills
Body Language – Key to Effective Communication Skills

Body language is an important element of effective communication skills. Words are not the only means of communication, your other body parts apart from your mouth also communicate. Body language is a non verbal communication in which words are not spoken, yet a very loud and clear strong message is communicated. Your facial expressions, gestures, body movements, posture and tone also convey a message or add something to the communication.


Empathy is the skill to be aware of what someone else feels, and it’s an important part of an effective communication. Practicing empathy is essential for listening well and to understand what speaker is trying to communicate.  You put yourself in the speaker’s shoes and try to understand the reason behind whatever they’re saying, you inhabit their mind and see the world from their perspective. It helps you to understand their perspective and what they mean.

Improve vocabulary to improve communication skills

Improving vocabulary and having command on language in which you communicate is the most important aspect of effective communication skills. If you don’t have words to express your feelings, ideas, emotions, thoughts, knowledge and views, you will not be able to communicate the exact message to the recipient.

To improve vocabulary use blank cards of the size of playing cards, which you can keep in your pocket, whenever you read literature, magazines, newspaper or online article, write down the new words for which you don’t know the meaning. Write maximum five words on each card. When you get time, explore the meaning of these words in dictionary and note them down below respective words.

Keep these cards in your pocket and whenever you get free time, read them again and again and try to memorize. It will definitely increase your vocabulary.

Listening for Effective Communication Skills

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

When I started this article with headline effective communication skills, most of you have thought of the skills required to effectively sending your message to the recipient. But actually, communication is not all about outgoing, listening skills are one of the most important parameter of effective communication. Most of the people only hear what others communicate to them. Hearing is the physical ability whereas listening is a skill.

Listening skills communication
Listening for Effective Communication Skills

Making eye contact, nodding on other persons comments, emphatic comments, listening for understanding not for arguing are the key things for good listening. Wait before responding. Do not formulate your responses while the speaker is delivering the message to you. Respond only after listening what he/she wants to say. Try to grasp what other person is trying to say and let speaker know that you understand.

Manage your Stress

In small doses stress can help you to perform better under pressure. However, when stress becomes constant and overwhelming, it can hamper effective communication by disrupting your capacity to think clearly, creatively and positively, and act appropriately. Communicating calmly and effectively under pressure is an integral skill for highly successful people and leaders. Try to recognize when you are under stress and ensure to communicate less if possible. I have written a complete post on how to remain cool and calm under stressful situation. You may like to read the same.

Give a pause, be mindful and control your emotions. Being aware about stress will help you to think before speaking anything. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises will help you in long run.

effective communication skills
Effective Communication Skills

Audience analysis

Knowing your audience or recipient is something which helps you to communicate effectively. You must adopt your audience and plan your communication accordingly. You must get the information like education level, cultural background, geographical location, age group, gender, race and religion. It will help you to determine the content, language and communication mode. Not only what to communicate, it also helps in what not to communicate. It helps you be cautious about saying anything which may be misunderstood based on race, gender or religion.

Well, that is all from my side. I hope you have enjoyed this post on effective communication skills. What is your best tip or advise for effective communication ? Feel free to share in comment box.

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    1. Thanks Balwinder for spending time on invajy. I will sure add few posts on interview skills….

  1. Listening is critical. If you don’t really hear what the other person means, your response won’t be as effective. It would be like trying to sell a blueberry pie to somebody who was clearly in the mood for pumpkin.

    1. Yes, listening is most important parameter of effective communication skills…in fact it’s not only adopting verbal verbal words correctly….also the tone, pitch, background sounds or whispering etc. Listen Evelyn Glennie …..she hear with the parts of her body other than her ears..

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