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How to stay calm or cool in difficult situations?

Have you ever observed, in a typical movie, the hero stay cool or calm even when surrounded by villain and 100s of villain’s supporters? But for many, in reality, that is not possible. In fact whenever a difficult or tough situation (real life villains) arrives in life, people get panic. It’s a normal phenomenon, which happens with most of the people. This is how humans biologically respond to stress.

How to stay calm, cool and collected in anxious situations?

Many of the world’s greatest achievers, including entrepreneurs, professionals, sportsmen, and artists could not have reached their level of success without learning how to stay extremely calm under pressure. The response we give at such occasion and the way we deal the problem or situation is utterly important for successful, peaceful and happy life

Here are the tips on How to stay calm or cool in difficult situations:

Use the gap or space for keeping calm

Whenever you respond to a particular stimulus; between stimulus and response, there is a gap or space. In that space is your power to choose your response. Don’t just react without thinking, give a pause and choose your response. Generally in such situation people don’t choose their behavior and just act them out. You can change your life altogether if you can learn to recognize, enlarge, and make use of this gap or space.

Psychological readiness to stay calm

Try to develop and maintain a state of psychological readiness to deal with such situations. You can visualize the tough and difficult situations and develop a mental preparedness which you can summon on demand. The images we play in our mind are the visual blueprint for our life. Be careful while using this tip, if you are optimistic, the images will be positive and if you are pessimistic, the images will be negative. While you practice, having too many negative images may cause sleeping disorders, lack of concentration, more stress, low self-esteem and confidence. Try to focus your spotlight on the brighter side and solution to the problems.

Patience helps to stay calm

Patience plays a crucial role in dealing such situations. People having more patience respond better and remain cool. Patience gives us the inner strength to control the anger and wrong responses. Patience is an admirable human quality which is found in most of the successful people. Remember our famous Indian cricketer Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni , who always shows tremendous amount of patience on ground, which entitled him the tag of “Captain Cool”. I have written a complete article on patience Patience is a key to success. You may go through the same.

How to stay cool or calm in difficult situations?

Take help

Sometimes the problem or task is big enough that you can’t tackle it along. You may seek help of others. Ask someone to give you a hand with any pressing tasks if you’re overextended. You can reciprocate at a quieter time. It may also happen you don’t posses the competency and skills, you may consult with people having expertise, you have good opportunity to learn something new in life. Grab it; knowledge is the biggest wealth of life. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. No one knows everything.

Sleep Well

When I talk about how to stay clam, cool and collected in anxious situations, list will be incomplete without mentioning importance of sleeping. A better night’s sleep will help you to stay clam and be focused on your goals. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation may lead to increased irritability and an inability to control anger. In fact, many people have reported a significant impact on a their mood due to lack of sleep or partial sleep deprivation. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who slept only 4.5 hours a night for one week reported increased levels of anger, sadness and stress.  Thereafter, they were allowed to sleep according to their normal sleeping schedule, they all reported a drastic improvement in their moods.

Examine the outcome of your reactions

Please give close consideration to the consequences of your reactions and behavior. By bringing negative results to your awareness, you will be more motivated to change your reaction to a desired response. Your impatience will makes it impossible for you to effectively solve problems. Even in some cases you may worsen the situations by your responses and reactions.

These tip will help you to remain cool or calm in difficult situations. Write back in the comment box your views, experiences and ways to deal with tough situations.

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