Super Mario Game

7 Life Lessons to learn from Super Mario Game

How many of you remember Super Mario game ?? All of us has played it in the childhood. What a craze it was? There used to be long queues at Play Stations. Booking in advance for playing an hour slot, then waiting for hours and finally our chance used to come. The energy was coming out of blues helping us to manage all those obstacles to play the game. Mario was the king of video game characters. He still is, but he was even more so when Super Mario debuted on the Super NES in 1991.

Super Mario Game

I am still playing the same Super Mario game…; and playing it for hours continuously…. that too without a break. Surprised ??? In fact not only me , you and all others are playing it. But not on screen with joysticks and keyboards ……..we all are playing as a character of Super Mario in the game of life. Let’s see how this metaphor “Life is Super Mario Game” can help us to understand the life in better way.

Life Lessons from Super Mario Game

So here are life-lessons, Super Mario teaches us:

1. Keep moving forward

Whenever obstacles like Goomba, Koopa,  Para Koopa, Piranha Plant, Hammer Bro, Lakitu, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, Bullet Bill, Blooper,Cheep Cheep, the biggest dragon Bowser come in the game, you jump over them or sometimes kill them; when have appropriate powers with you. You try your best to deal with these obstacle.

Similarly in life, when ever you feel down and energy less , good friends will come and help (give powers like Super Mario video game). Face stiff challenges in your journey of life and keep moving forward fearlessly; do not look back, because the past no longer exists.

Life lessons from Super Mario

2. Be the Change

Believe in yourself and be the change. New changes like the worlds of Mario keep coming in life and we keep growing and do progress step by step in life. Lots of different situations like dark world, water world and high tower world come and we change our self, learn and get experience day by day. Accept the change, change is growth. You have to jump, run, crouch, hide, swim to survive. In short you have to adapt to any change life throws at you.

3. Your response decides result

In Super Mario game character goes through different unexplored grounds and gets hidden holes, powers, obstacles. Like wise we face unknown situations, problems, support system in life and move on in life. Interestingly if you observe every time you are playing, the situations are same at same place in game, but different result will come based on your response. Similarly end results in life depends on your response in the given situations.

Super Mario bros

4. When you fail, you try and try again

The long lasting entertainment of game which ensures the positivity – that failure is not the end of game. Do you remember, what happened when a Koopa touched you or you fell down a hole? Did you cry when you died? Did you throw your controller across the room? Well ……. maybe a few times. But after all that, you always tried again. Life is like that only. You will fail quite a sometimes in life, what important is how you get back on track after failure in life. When you fail, you don’t pack up the game up and never play it again. You get back with enhanced experience with different strategies. The failure is merely the first step in a journey toward success. Once you fail, move ahead with new energy and zeal start playing the game of life.

5. Time Management

In Super Mario you have specific time duration to complete one stage. In that given time slot, you utilize your time management skills and ensure that stage is complete in given time. Likewise in life also we have fixed time duration. Don’t waste time in entertaining your instant gratification monkey. Time is running out. You have to achieve your goals on time. You should take risks and be adventurous. Prioritize your goals and actions and utilize the time effectively in more productive way.

6. Don’t get Greedy

In the Mario Game, sometimes we lose the life for earning the coins. Those coins used to give you one life (after collection of 100 coins) in the game. But in real life; that’s not true. We do not get another life. Money is important, but don’t lose your life trying to get too greedy. There are other important goals to be achieved in life. Living life more purposefully and achieving success is more important than just running after money.

Running after money

7. Chase your dreams

Mario also teaches you to chase your dreams with perseverance and never give up attitude. Challenges, obstacles, failures, defeats, mistakes and disappointments are integral part of life. We must face all these with patience and achieve milestones in life.

So with all of that being said, the moral of the Mario mythology is to be fearless and keep moving. Please let me know what life lessons you personally have taken from Super Mario game.

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