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Feeling like you are not successful enough?

It’s a typical day, just like any other, then your best friend says she’s going to learn a third foreign language and your colleague announces they got a promotion. You feel happy for them, but you start to ask yourself, ‘’What have I accomplished or achieved lately that I can be proud of?’’ You keep working and living your life, but the feeling that you are not successful enough is still on your mind. Many times, you scroll Instagram or browse Facebook and see that another friend has bought a new car, and someone from your neighborhood is on vacation basking in the sun on a white sandy Carmel Beach in California, USA.

Suddenly you feel depressed, bored, and uninteresting.

This feeling may be connected with social pressures imposed by society. The question is how can you overcome the feeling of being not good enough? Of course, you’ve accomplished at least something in your life, so what’s wrong with your self-confidence?

It’s vital to get to the bottom of your issue, either on your own or with a personal life coach, and know how to avoid negative thoughts towards your ‘’unaccomplished’’ success.

Feeling Like You Are not Successful Enough? Here is the list of six tips that will help you:

  • Identify what makes you feeling you aren’t successful enough
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Journal your strong skills on paper
  • Celebrate your achievements, even small ones
  • Reconsider your failures
  • Get a healthy work-life balance

achieve success

Identify what makes you feel you are not successful enough

Saying that you haven’t achieved or aren’t successful enough isn’t a winning strategy for anyone. Besides, it’s too general because you don’t specify what makes you feel like that.

One of the most efficient ways to get specific is journaling. Take a sheet of paper and write down what you think you haven’t accomplished. Then work through your issues by analyzing your achievements and ‘’failures’’.

For example, does it matter for you that you don’t get a promotion? Tick it and think of the factors that may cause this ‘’failure’’. Do they reflect your reality? Does your boss say you aren’t competent enough for a new position, or do you think so?

It’s also helpful to make a list of your achievements and think how long it took to reach your goal. Maybe you need more time to turn your ‘’failures’’ into success. Moreover, you need to understand that it’s normal to experience both success and failures. Understanding the duality of life will help you in this.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Have you ever compared your life with others’ on Instagram feed?

If you feel you aren’t successful enough, you do it regularly. It’s an unhealthy habit for your confidence and self-estimation. It’s important to remember that your personal goals, circumstances, and challenges differ from other people’s. When comparing yourself to others, you don’t know exactly how they feel or how hard it was to achieve it. According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology,  comparing our lives to the “fabulous” ones causes the depressive symptoms associated with browsing them on social media. The illusion of ideal Instagram lives makes people unsatisfied with their own lives and unmotivated to achieve their goals. It’s vital to realize that most people show only positive sides of their lives on Instagram and often hide something negative that stands behind success.

If every time you scroll the Instagram feed makes you feel envious and wrecked, reduce the time spent on social media.

Journal your strong skills on the paper

Everyone has both strong and weak sides. Unfortunately, most of us are more focused on something we aren’t good enough at. Thus, we forget what we can do well, which leads to feeling depressed. We feel like we aren’t competent and don’t deserve appreciation.

Stop killing your self-confidence and get focused on your strong sides and get the maximum benefit from them. Take notes with your achievements and failures, and add a list of what you are good at vs. what you aren’t good at. It may include your character traits, professional skills, etc. Make a list as detailed as you can and compare the two columns.

To stay focused on your strengths and add more value to yourself, keep the list near you to not forget about them.

Celebrate your achievements, even small ones

When reaching a long-term goal, we often wait for the outcome to feel good, while neglecting the small achievements during the process. For example, you are saving for a new car, it will certainly take time. It is important to celebrate along the way each milestone you achieve that brings you closer to your financial goal. Recognize all your wins along the way and don’t neglect small ones- a big win usually consists of many small steps, all are equally important to achieve the large goal.

Reconsider your failures

Sometimes we tend to dramatize our ‘’failures’’. It often depends on the way of perception. If you feel depressed every time you make a mistake, or your friend achieves something you haven’t, it’s a recipe for your self-destruction.

To avoid self-destruction, analyze your failures and the factors that accompanied them. Did everything depend on you? Could you have done it better? What skills should you improve to perform better next time? Reconsidering your failures objectively will help you see the real situation based on facts, not emotions.

Get a healthy work-life balance

Establishing a positive work-life balance is essential for mental and physical health. Your well-being influences your overall productivity in life and success in relationships. Once you’ve reached a balanced life, you’ll be able to feel more successful.

If you feel doubt about your ability to create a healthy work-life balance on your own, remember you can hire a life coach to support you along your journey and help enable you to map out the path to bring you towards your ultimate goal.

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