How arrogance can bring your dreams to reality?

Arrogance ….. The word that summon up negative images. The word whose connotation often gets the wrong impression about, the word, which scares us without even touching us. Arrogance is always considered a negative trait of the personality. But if you try to look at its other side, you will find many positive outcomes. Well, I certainly do not favor arrogance but if I think about it critically, there are benefits that may come at the end because of this quality.


Like any coin has two phases, arrogance has too. In this article I will be concentrating on brighter or positive part of arrogance. It can bring your dreams in reality and you may achieve all the success you deserve.

To begin with let us start with the definition of the word arrogance. It is having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, pride, merit, confidence and ability etc.

Does Arrogance lead to success?

If you analyze the lives of successful people from different walks of life, you will find so many traits and characteristics which are common in all of them. As you would expect, self confidence and believe in self are often the most obvious traits which are possessed by all such people. Without fail, every single successful person is aware of his/her own competencies, skills, talents and achievements and he/she knows that he/she is the best at whatever he/she does. These successful people keep the dreams and goals of personal success at the forefront of their mind and use those thoughts to their advantage for building confidence and self-esteem.

Now at the other hand highly modest people will be so worried about being perceived as arrogant, that they will literally convinced themselves, they are less capable than they actually are. They are so afraid of looking arrogant or egotistical that they suddenly became blind to their own talents and achievements. This kind of thinking can obviously have long term negative impacts on a person’s confidence. It directly hits on their morale and self-esteem.

Is arrogance a perception of others?

Now if you see being arrogant and being perceived as arrogant are two different things. Before arrogance, the thing comes in personality is having pride and self believe that you are better. You believe in your own abilities and have zeal to achieve your dreams and goals. Not only this, you have that confidence to bring the change and make your dreams to see the light of day. You can classify it as honest arrogance. You need to exude your confidence and abilities to make others believe and trust that you are the guy who can do it.

The truth is that a certain kind of attitude that is required to exude confidence and self believe can actually look like arrogance, to a few. People surrounding you or envy to you may perceive it as arrogance. Critics may start criticize you and defame you. They are generally threatened by the talents you possess. They find every opportunity to bring you down. You should not get affected by this and keep moving. While exuding your traits, you should not be rude to people surrounding you. You should ditch the rudeness, and arrogance can be a healthy expression of intelligence, wholehearted confidence, and conscious conceit.

How Arrogance is good?

It takes arrogance in breaking the stereotypes and to generate the escape velocity required to come out of your comfort zone. Arrogance brings in the form of radical creativity to try something new, bold, and rule shattering. It takes arrogance in the form of wild self-belief to leave a well paid job and start your own startup or business. Not only this, it takes arrogance to bring commitment to do something no one else has done before. It also helps you to stay the course when the challenges overwhelm. And when you’re riding high on cosmic waves of success, arrogance will silence the ego’s attempts to drag you down and keep you trusting, believing, focused, and moving onwards.

Anonymous has quoted “Don’t let failure go to your heart, or success go to your head”. You must have a realistic view of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, you must have the arrogance it takes to believe you can do better than anyone ever has done; and the humility it takes to actually do it. That’s my take on brighter side of arrogance. I will be posting a separate post on negative side of arrogance in due course of time.

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  1. It’s a good article. Easy to read and what is more important, I think, it makes you wonder and revalue the previous knowledge.
    It’s an interesting take on the word. I personally adore writing which takes the accepted concept and looks at it from the other angle, since there’s no real truth in the world, only a perception of one.
    I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks Lizardin Bain to appreciate the different angle of arrogance. True I agree, there is no real truth in the world….its all about perception which comes through mind set derived from past experiences. We all are trained to look at things in that manner….otherwise I could have named monkey as elephant… if would not have trained to see it as monkey

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