Inspirational Story - A Farmer and A Baker

Short Inspirational Story – A Farmer and A Baker (Story # 29)

Inspirational stories are always powerful reads. The inspirational story with moral inspires and motivates the people for any age. Our Motivational and inspirational Stories Series covers wide variety of inspirational stories, which are perfect daily dose of motivation. Today, continuing the inspirational story series, in this post, I will be sharing with you Inspirational Story # 29 – “A Farmer and A Baker”. This one is an Inspiring Story on fairness, honesty, trust & Integrity. The story is one of my favorite and close to my heart. So, without wasting much of your time, lets begin with the story.

Inspirational Story # 29 – A Farmer and A Baker

Once upon a time, a farmer and a baker lived in the same small American village. They became friends and developed a good bond. One day, baker asked the farmer for regular supply of some butter for his bakery. These two men made a friendly arrangement in place, where the farmer would sell a pound of butter to the baker each day.

One morning, after several weeks of buying a pound of butter from the farmer; the baker suspected that the baker was cheating him and that he didn’t give him a pound of butter, so he decided to weigh the butter to see if he was receiving  the correct amount.

Inspirational Story - A Farmer and A Baker

When he measured the butter, to his surprise, he discovered that the farmer had supplied him less butter than he’d paid for. Angry about the unfairness, he decided to file a complaint against the farmer and took the farmer to court.

The judge confronted the farmer with the accusation. At the hearing, the judge asked the farmer whether he used any measure to weigh the butter. “Your honor, I am but a lowly farmer and do not own a proper measure. I simply use an old-fashioned scale,” he replied.

How do you weight the butter then?” Enquired the judge.

The farmer replied, “Your honor, long before the baker started buying butter from my farm, I’ve been buying a pound loaf of bread from him. Everyday when the baker brings bread for me, I put it on the scale and then measure out the same weight in butter to supply him in return. If anyone is to be blamed, it is the baker.”

Turns out that the baker was getting what he was giving. So, if the baker is not getting a pound of butter, he is also not giving a pound of bread as he promised.

Lessons from this Inspirational Story

What is the moral of the inspirational story? In life, always keep your word and deliver for what you have promised. This develops your credibility in the society. The more honest you are, the easier for the other people to trust you. Honesty is always the best route–especially if you want others to be honest with you as well.

Situations can turn around to 180 degree anytime. Your Karma play a important role in life. We get back in life what we give to others. If you are being dishonest and disloyal don’t be surprised if the same will happen to you one day from your business partners and/or friends.  Be kind and fair to others and you’ll enjoy the rewards.

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