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Motivational and Inspirational stories about life – The Baby Camel and his Mother (Inspiring Story #10)

Inspiring story is that key which can open up lost souls. Inspirational stories are something which have brought remarkable positive changes varied lives of people. Whenever you feel down then an inspirational or motivational story is something which can pull you upwards by igniting your heart with rays of hope. In the series of inspiring stories; today I am presenting – Motivational and Inspirational stories about life –  The Baby Camel and his Mother (Story #10) . This is a classical story which is very popular in salaried employees. It inspires people to bring in change when the surrounding environment is not in congruence with your talent, competencies, knowledge, skills and experience.

Motivational and Inspirational stories about life – The Baby Camel and his Mother (Story #10)

Once upon a time there was a baby camel (calf) lived with her mother. It   was beautiful weather one Sunday afternoon. The mother and the baby camel were lying around under a tree. The baby camel was very curious about the things and always try to learn from her mother.  The calf put his curiosity cap on and asked, “Mother, may I ask you some questions? The mother replied, “Sure!!! Why not my son, tell me what is bothering you?” Getting a positive nod from her mother the baby camel asked, “Why do camels have humps?”

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The mother camel smiled and replied to the innocent question of calf, “We, camels are desert animals; we spend our life in deserts. In desert areas, there is scarcity of water. We have the humps to store water; so that we can survive for many days with very little water.”

The baby camel was very happy after getting the answer from her mother. He thought for a moment and asked second question, “Okay mother…why are our legs long and we have large, soft and rounded feet?”

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The mama replied, “The camels are called ships of the desert. The camels long legs helps to keep their bodies further away from the hot ground and they have large soft feet so they wont sink into the sand. They are meant in such a way, so that we can walk properly in the desert. With these legs we can move around the desert better than anyone does!”

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The baby camel paused. After a beat, the baby camel asked, “Mom, I would like to know why do we have long eyelashes? They are so long that sometimes they get in my way and I am not able to see properly.”

The mother camel responded, “My son, those long thick eyelashes are your protective cover. Those long thick eyelashes protect your eyes from the desert sand when it blows in the wind.”

The baby thought for a while. Then he said, “I see. So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert and these eye lashes protect my eyes from the desert.”

The mom replied, “Exactly my son, you got everything correctly.”

The baby camel looked  like a bit confused now. He asked, “If god has given us so many talents to live in deserts, then what the hell are we doing in the Zoo?” This time mother camel went speechless.

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Moral of the Inspiring Story – The Baby Camel and his Mother

The story of a mother and a curious baby camel tells more of how we can be useless living, work and even learning in the wrong environment. Skills, knowledge, talents, abilities and experiences are only useful if you are at the right place. There’s no possibility of  growing and excelling in an environment that limit your skills, knowledge and potentials.

So where are you ? Are you in Desert or in the Zoo?  Please add your valuable comments, they are much appreciated. Thank you for reading this. I hope you are liking our series of motivational and inspirational stories.

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