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Just Start – My first blog post after creating this blog

Most of the time we have fear of unknown. In fact people do not fear the unknown; they have fear of – loosing the known or the known is coming to an end. When it comes to try something new, the inertia of mind does not allow to escape from existing comfort zone.  One need to generate that escape velocity and Just Start.

This was my first blog post – Just Start. It represents from where I started my journey of blogging. I have kept it as it was, no changes except this. I had only 199 words while I started this blog. 


High line walker in blue sky between two rocks concept of generating escape velocity and overcoming fear

There is a old saying ” Well begin is the half done”.  We all have fears about new things or unknown. Fear stops us from living our best life possible. It detaches us from reality and False Evidence Appearing Real to us .

Most of us procrastinate at some issues, tasks and problem and don’t act. Procrastination is not waiting and it is more than delaying. It is a decision to not act giving false excuses to self.  If you will keep procrastinating, believe me the same issue or problem will keep getting bigger. It will not get bigger in magnitude or severity, you will start perceiving it bigger and bigger. So stop procrastinating, just start and act.

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