Law of Attraction or LOA

How to use Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest your dreams?

There are lot of things and events which happens around us. Sometimes we surprise how or why a particular event has taken place?  Does your thoughts or feelings have an effect on the events that take place around you? The answer is – Yes.  Your thoughts and feelings play a major role whatever happens around you. Law of attraction explains it, how this becomes possible that your inner thought process and feelings brings the change in the events of external world around you.

Through this law, you can understand the complete order of the universe more clearly, including everything that happen in your life and everything that you experience throughout your life.

What is Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction says – like attracts like. What you think about, you bring about. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts. Whatever happens in your inner world (thoughts and feelings) that’s gets manifested in the outer physical world (your life). In simple words, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract the things (whatever you are focusing on) into your lives .  In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.

Law of Attraction or loa

Science of Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is not a magic. It has science behind it. At the sub-microscopic, quantum level all the substances or physical objects (including human body) in this material world are comprises of energy. All these are made of proton, neutron and electrons which are nothing but the packets of energy. Through the advancement of science, under the laboratory conditions it has been confirmed that every thought is also consist of energy and has its own unique frequency. When this energy and frequency of a single thought radiates out into the Universe, it naturally interacts with the material world.  So, whenever your thought with specific frequency radiates out, it follows the law – like attracts like , it attracts the energy and frequencies of like thoughts, like emotions, like objects, and even like people (human body), and pulls those things towards you.

It’s the Law of Attraction. So, it is how your THOUGHTS… BECOME… REALITY!

Now, when you have understood the Law of Attraction, few questions must be arising in your mind – can you control the conditions of your life through controlling your thoughts and emotions?  How to make use of this powerful and universal Law of Attraction in order to create the life of your dreams?

Yes, you can control the conditions of your life through controlling your thoughts and emotions. You just need to attempt to control your reality through adjusting the energy, vibrations and frequencies of your thoughts, emotions and desires. You can use the powerful and universal Law of Attraction to create the life, as you desire.

How to use Law of Attraction or LOA ?

Well now you know there is a science behind law of attraction. You can use this to manifest your dreams. Here are the tips how to imbibe this law intentionally and effortlessly in your life to create a meaningful, peaceful, joyful and happy life.


Thankfulness is one of the practice through which you can get the benefits of LOA in your life. Gratitude is the origin of all positive thoughts and emotions. While practicing gratitude you deliberately focus on positive aspects of everything and become thankful for that. When you integrate it in your daily rituals, it starts coming naturally. Now you don’t need to think positive deliberately, it becomes your way of life and a part of your behavior. The thoughts and feelings you fill yourself with is what you’ll vibrate. When you send positive vibrations you get back the positive.

Gratitude is one of the most important and easiest technique to amplify or supercharge the Law of Attraction and helps you to manifest all your desires and dreams.  Gratefulness is critical to your law of attraction success. Be thankful for what you already have and be thankful for all the things universe has given to you.


Visualization is one of the key parts of law of attraction success.  Visualize the future that you wish for and how you will feel once you achieve your dreams, what you will see, smell or hear etc.  You can include it in your daily rituals. Do this for a few minutes every day.  Another great visualization exercise could be creating a vision board. Vision board is a board, where you can stick images of things that you wish to be in your future. You can place it in a space where you see it often or in your bedroom. By doing this you basically end up doing visualization exercise every time you see it throughout the day. Whenever you visualize, actually you emit a powerful vibration and frequency out into the Universe and attract the things you desire for.

Law of Attraction images

Trust to enhance the Law of Attraction

When it comes to manifesting your dreams through law of attraction, a good amount of trust is required. But when I am talking about trust it isn’t just trust in your own abilities. It’s trust on universe and also that the universe will respond to your continual positive thoughts with positive results. When you cartel trust in the universe with visualization and feelings of gratitude, you truly multiply the power of the law of attraction manifolds.

Positive Affirmations

When you use affirmations, you increase the manifestation potential of your dreams and desires. Through positive affirmations you can bring dreams from imagination to reality. The supremacy of affirmations lies in their ability to transform your external world by first changing your internal one. By affirmations, you change your belief (a critical element for success) that the outcome or results of anything will be always positive. By aligning your belief with positive outcome you generate positive vibrations. And that’s what Law of Attraction is all about – like attracts like. Positive results vibrations will make your dreams and desires to see the light of day.

Some of the most powerful affirmations can be about the Law of Attraction itself. LOA affirmations will help you believe that you really can attract all of your dreams to reality.

Self-Esteem is important for Law of Attraction

Self-esteem, or the way you feel about yourself is important for Law of Attraction. If you have high self-esteem, you will feel worthy and will have more self-confidence. You will generate positive vibrations. Positive vibrations will attract positive outcomes. Try to build a positive self-image and believe on your capabilities and competencies. Your possibilities and potential are unlimited and you can achieve success and positive outcomes.

Law of Attraction or LOA

Say NO to negativity

The fundamental principle of law of attraction is like attracts like. Whatever you think, believe and feel that becomes reality. This is the whole theory by which many people started thinking positively and attracted positive results. But beware….it works in reverse too. If people keep thinking negative and do not get rid negativity, it will attract negative results and event in life.  A lot of people forget this when things go wrong. Few who even start thinking and feeling positively, but somehow they are not able to get rid of negativity at the same time, and get mixed up results, they feel Law of attraction is not working for them.

So, the important part is say NO to negativity. If you will allow negativity be a part of your life, it will bring negativity. Try to be as positive as possible and spread positive energy.

Thank you for reading this. Over to you now, I have mentioned the list of techniques or tips which are most important for enhancing the effects of law of attraction. I would like to know your experiences and list of tips which you feel can work better with Law of Attraction. Please add your valuable comments, they are much appreciated.

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  4. The same thing has been stated in the books :– 1) ‘PSYCHO CYBERNATICS’
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    1. Yup Tarun, many books have been written on Law of Attraction. The most famous among them is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a best-selling self-help book. Thanks for comments and appreciation

  5. Positive thinking and law of attraction transform the life.Good selection of topic and excellent article. I liked the scientific explanation…

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