Brother's Day Quotes

80 Brother Quotes to express your love and sibling bond

Having a sibling is a wonderful blessing. Brother or sister, everyone is special and has their own role to play. A Brother always loves you unconditionally, is your partner-in-crime, protects you in every thick and thin, and defends you; the only person who speaks your language. Brother always support you and go out of his way for you. For such a wonderful person in your life, we have curated best brother quotes to let him know how much you love him.

Brother Quotes

  1. “Brothers aren’t simply close; brothers are knit together.” ~ Robert Rivers

Brother Quotes

  1. “Brothers make you laugh and keep your secrets.” ~ Invajy

Brother Quotes

  1. “Half the time when brothers wrestle, it’s just an excuse to hug each other.” ~ James Patterson

Brother's Day Quotes

  1. “Brothers are what best friends can never be.” ~ Anonymous

Brothers Day Quotes

  1. “As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn’t care, but I always knew they looked out for me and were there!” ~ Catherine Pulsifer
  2. “Being his real brother I could feel I live in his shadows, but I never have and I do not now. I live in his glow.” ~ Michael Morpurgo
  3. “I, who have no sisters or brothers, look with some degree of innocent envy on those who may be said to be born to friends.” ~ James Boswell
  4. “I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance—waiting for the bathroom.” ~ Bob Hope
  5. “Brothers that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something.” ~ Lemony Snicket
  6. “When you deal with your brother, be pleasant, but get a witness.”~ Hesiod

Brother Quote

  1. “Who needs superheroes when you have a brother?” ~ Anonymous
  2. “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” ~ Vietnamese Proverb
  3. “Once a brother, always a brother no matter the distance, no matter the difference and no matter the issue.” ~ Byron Pulsifer
  4. “Brother, may it inspire you to know when I need a daily boost, I remember the days of yesterday and the laughter we had as children.” ~ Robert Rivers
  5. “We came into the world like brother and brother; and now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.” ~ William Shakespeare
  6. Thank you for always being there, for always being the one person I could talk with. You are the most amazing big brother a person could have.” ~ Kate Summers
  7. “The younger brother must help to pay for the pleasures of the elder.” ~ Jane Austen
  8. “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.” ~ Antisthenes
  9. “There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother… Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.” ~ Anna Quindlen
  10. “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” ~ Marc Brown

Quotes about Brother

  1. “The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother – and they’ll settle for a puppy every time.” ~ Winston Pendelton
  2. “I wish I could say I see my little brother more. We used to fight all the time but now that I don’t see him very often I cherish the time I have with him.” ~ Zac Efron
  3. “The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr
  4. “True brothers are never blood-related. But born of the spirit.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
  5. “Never make a companion equal to a brother.” ~ Hesiod
  6. “The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession.” ~ Mark Twain
  7. “Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.” ~ Jolene Perry
  8. “Brothers are playmates at the beginning and best friends for life.” ~ Anonymous
  9. “A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood.” ~ Ann Hood
  10. “Nothing can stop me from loving my brother.” ~ Brandy Norwood

Brother’s Day Quotes

  1. “There is no love like the love for a brother. There is no love like the love from a brother.” ~ Astrid Alauda
  2. “I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at. ” ~ Maya Angelou
  3. “It takes two men to make one brother.” ~ Israel Zangwill
  4. “We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. “The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers.” ~ Thomas Carlyle
  6. “The crest and crowning of all good, life’s final star, is brotherhood.” ~ Edwin Markham
  7. “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” ~ Richard Bach
  8. “I had a brother who was my saviour, made my childhood bearably.” ~ Maurice Sendak
  9. “A brother is a friend given by nature.” ~ Ernest Legouve
  10. “Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” ~ Susan Scarf Merrell

Brother Quotes

  1. “There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.” ~ Edwin Markham
  2. “Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other – they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other..” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass.” “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. “We’re raising boys.”” ~ Harmon Kellebrew
  4. “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr
  5. “You should never do anything wicked and lay it on your brother, when it is just as convenient to lay it on some other boy.” ~ Mark Twain
  6. “If you do love my brother, hate not me; I am his brother, and I love him well.” ~ William Shakespeare
  7. “He is my most beloved friend and my bitterest rival, my confidant and my betrayer, my sustainer and my dependent, and scariest of all, my equal.” ~ Gregg Levoy
  8. “The happiest days of my youth were when my brother and I would run through the woods and feel quite safe.” ~ Rachel Weisz
  9. “There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love of a brother.” ~ Terri Guillemets
  10. “The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose.” ~ Garrison Keillor

Brothers Day Quotes

  1. “You are a brother like no other.”
  2. “Brothers are like glue; they stick together.”
  3. Happiness is having a brother.”
  4. “I might not show it but I love my brother.”
  5. “Siblings: your only enemy you can’t live without.”
  6. “Always ready to help one another!”
  7. “Annoying you is my favorite hobby.”
  8. “Brothers and sisters separated by distance, joined by love.”
  9. “Like sugar and spice, siblings make things extra nice.”
  10. “The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.”

Happy Brother’s Day Quotes

  1. “I smile because you’re my brother and I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.” ~ Anonymous
  2. “If we are not our brother’s keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.” ~ Marlon Brando
  3. “Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man’s survival.” ~ Carlos P. Romulo
  4. “A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.” ~ Marian Sandmaier
  5. “A trial between brothers has no winners or losers.” ~ Ekonda Proverb
  6. “You and I are brothers. Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up… after I finish laughing.” ~ Anonymous
  7. “Brothers are children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” ~ Sam Levenson
  8. “Will you be there for him if he needs you? Of course. Should you love him without question? Absolutely.” ~ David Levithan
  9. “Grant us brotherhood, not only for this day but for all our years – a brotherhood not of words but of acts and deeds.” ~ Stephen Vincent Benet
  10. “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Brother’s Day Messages

  1. “Brother, you are so lucky because you have really cool siblings, or at least that’s what my brother tells me.”
  2. “A brother is like a gift from God that we can cherish forever. Happy Brother’s Day.”
  3. “Best Brothers Day wishes to the best brother in the world.”
  4. “Thanks for beings always my side no matter what. Happy Brother’s Day!”
  5. “Nothing can be compared to the great sibling bond I have with you. Wish you a very Happy Brother’s Day.”
  6. “Happy Brother’s Day! Nobody in the world means as much to me as you! You always lift up my mood with your quirkiness!”
  7. “Dear brother, thank you for helping me become a confident woman! Happy Brother’s Day!”
  8. “‘Tom & Jerry’ is the only metaphor I can think of to describe our brotherly relationship. One is always incomplete without other. Happy Brother’s Day!”
  9. “When you’ll be old enough to realize your mistakes? I guess never! Happy Brother’s Day!”
  10. “It has been nice growing up with someone like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on! Happy Brother’s Day!””

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