Grand Rising

Grand rising meaning and why to use it?

Grand Rising!!! Do you have no idea about, what does this phrase mean? You may be unfamiliar with this newest substitute for, “good morning,” but now a days this is pretty much in trend and people use it as a creative or spiritual alternative to “good morning!” In this article, we will discuss about the meanings of “grand rising” and why to use it.

Grand Rising Meaning

What is the meaning of great rising? What does it mean when someone says Grand-Rising?

The act of “rising” is clearly linked to the process of “getting up” or “getting out of bed.”  Meanwhile, prefixing it with “grand” denotes the presence of something larger, grander, or more substantial. So, “grand rising” means wakeup, get out of bed and make this day a big one.

“Grand rising” is simply a way of greeting the day. It is a phrase used by many people when they wake up or the first time they see someone during the day. It is mostly used instead of good morning.

Grand Rising

Why to Use Grand Rising?

Now the question must be arising in your mind — Why to use grand rising, when you already have words like – Good Moring!, Rise and shine!, Bonjour!, Greetings of the day!, or Namaste!

There are a few different theories about using this phrase and why it has become a popular alternative to “good morning.” Here are the reasons why to use the same.

More Positive Vibes

Ground rising is a phrase used to kick start your day with positive vibes. It is pretty similar to “good morning” but without the negative connotations.

The words we use make a powerful impact on our subconscious mind. Words are vibrations that carry meaning. “Morning” sounds too similar to “mourning” and has a negative connotation; it refers to grieving the death of someone who has passed away. Rising instead has a positive one.

You are rising from bed, the sun is rising in the sky. There is no sadness/mourning involved.  “Grand Rising” is a more positive way of saying an early greeting of the day than “Good Morning”.

Spiritual Awakening

“Grand Rising” expresses your spiritual awareness to start the day.

Grand means impressive and large…. Rising means awakening.

The focal point of this “Grand rising” is not only the rising of the sun but also the rising of your physical being and your infinite energy. Using the phrase shows that you are spiritually awaken and treating every morning — as a new blessing, a fresh day, a fresh start, a new chance, and a new hope…


When you wake up and say, “Oh, Grand rising …”. It shows that you are grateful for another day. Expressing gratitude for all you have and more to come with this grand new day.

Positive Affirmation

Affirmations raises positive vibration and helps attract your manifestations. When you use this phrase, with a feeling of positive affirmation, it will bring it to reality and your day will bound to become advancing, ascending, or mounting in a bigger way.


You can say “Grand Rising” which means “Rise up! Fight!”. Advance from the state in a grand way, currently you are.  It gives the feeling of hope, confidence and optimism to start fresh a brand new morning and achieve your goals. It helps you to see see the bright opportunity in each day. The phrase symbolizes hope and optimism for the day ahead.

Philosophical Connotation

Many people believe sleep to be a phase when the soul travels to different realms away from the physical form of the body and waking up is a period when the soul returns back to the body so saying Grand Rising is like giving thanks to the soul for returning back to the body. It also attaches a grandeur to the act of Rising up thereby imparting a sense of positivity into the act of waking up early in the morning or meeting someone in the morning.


The phrase “Grand Rising” has newness. Instead of using traditional greeting “Good Moring”, when you say “Grand Rising”, it brings attention of other and make them happy. People who try different new things, using this phrase can be a prefect way to express the greetings. Such a phrase evokes a sense of awakening, empowerment, and a brand-new start, transcending the mundane rhythm of a mere ‘morning’.

The phrase has become an important part of modern culture, with many people adopting it as their everyday morning greeting.

Should you Start Using “Grand Rising”?

Well, whether you should start using “grand rising” or not , that’s up to you! If it feels empowering to you, having more positive vibes, it might be a good shift to make. If it doesn’t appeals you to bring the change, there’s nothing wrong with forgoing this new greeting expression.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide, whether you are comfortable saying “grand rising” or not. As always, you should be open and mindful about how you communicate.

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi

Over to You

Over to you now, thanks for reading this article. Had you ever heard of this expression before? What do you think about this phrase? Please share your valuable thoughts in the comment section; I and our other Invajy readers would love to learn from your life views.

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