Strengthen Your Connection to God

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to God

People, who believe in god, visit to the worship place to strengthen their connection to god. But due to one or another reason, many are not able to visit church frequently. A survey done by Gallup shows that 87% of Americans believe in God; however, church attendance is currently at an all-time low. Some Christians also feel that church attendance is not necessary because Christ Himself is the church.

No matter your reasoning for not attending church, whether it be due to your hectic schedule, distance from home or not feeling you have found one that works for you, you can still find a way to connect to God.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can foster your connection to God without going to church.

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  1. Love Everyone

In the Book of John, Christ commanded his followers to love one another as he had loved them. This is interpreted as radical love for many, even for people you dislike or disagree with.

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One way you can foster your connection to God is to love everyone regardless of their background, faith, race, or orientation. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set boundaries with people, but it does mean trying to understand where they are coming from. It also means to show people compassion wherever it’s possible.

  1. Acts of Service

Acts of service and kindness are important, as they both help people in need and can build upon Christ’s calling to love everyone as he commanded. Loving isn’t something that is done from afar; instead, it is something that you do; it is a verb.

When you love others, you perform acts of service for them. This can mean volunteering at a local homeless shelter, donating food or warm blankets to a homeless shelter, giving dog toys to a dog shelter, or helping care for a sick relative or friend. Helping people when they are at their weakest can help you strengthen your connection with God as you act out his commandments.

  1. Pray

Praying may look different from person to person. Some people prefer to memorize prayers and say them, while others prefer to speak directly from the heart. It doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as how you do it brings you feel closer to God.

God has an endless amount of time for each of his children and listens to you even if your problems seem silly or trivial. He is still listening and will listen to every problem and issue you have. God is always with you.

Some people feel that God guides them to make specific choices after prayers, so you may find it helpful to talk to God when faced with difficult life choices.

Strengthen Your Connection to God

  1. Read the Bible

Reading the Bible is a great way to connect to God, as you can read his word and interpret it in new ways. Reading the Bible by yourself can be difficult, as you may not know where to start or what pieces to read. Devotionals for men or women or your age range or life path can help with that issue. They can help guide you regarding what to read and how they interpret the reading.

Don’t be shy about taking notes in a notebook and finding your own meanings in the words. You may even find the meaning changes as you get older, and you feel as though it is speaking to you in a different way than it might have at a different phase in your life.

  1. Listen to Worship Music

Many people connect to ideas and themes through music, which partially makes Christian music so successful. You, too, can connect through worship and music, and you’ll likely find something for everyone’s taste. It may take you a bit of time to find the perfect band or singer for you, but they are out there.

You can then connect to God through the music. Sing along if you feel like it. If not, you can quietly contemplate the words and their meaning and apply them to your life.

  1. Connect Through Nature

Love of nature can be a deeply spiritual experience. You may find yourself able to connect to God when you are admiring His amazing handiwork. God is not only the Father of creation, but he’s also the artist who brought everything in the natural world to life. Go on a walk or take a short vacation somewhere in nature and marvel over its beauty.

Creating a Connection to God

A connection to God is something that changes during your lifetime. You may find yourself tested in your faith, and it is in these very times that connection to God can grow stronger.

It is important that you recognize that connecting with God is not how everyone else connects with God. Instead, we all connect to God in different ways, and it is important to make room for that.

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