Peace of Mind

How to get peace of mind?

Do you feel something is missing in life? Does your life seem too sophisticated sometimes? Do you feel too much mental disturbance in life? Relax; it can happen with anyone in life. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of your life’s negative influences and nurture peace of mind. Now you must be asking “How to find peace of mind?” Everyone can attain it including you, but most of the people don’t not know where to begin. There are several steps you can take right now to move towards achieving peace in your life.

How to increase your peace of mind?

Find out what all changes you need to take in your lifestyle, thoughts and behavior to get the peace you deserve. Here are the 15 simple ways to increase your peace of mind.

How to get peace of mind?

Meditation brings peace for mind

Meditation is one of the best techniques to conquer negative vibes and attain the peace of mind. If you practice it consistently, it will turn miracles for you. It has been an age-old technique to calm your mind. It’s an effective remedy to deal with the stresses of daily life. It increases your awareness about your inner self. Meditation reduces the turbulence of mind and gives it a pause; to attain its basic nature of calmness.

Deep Breathing

One powerful technique is mindful breathing/slow deep breathing. It has proven biological effects on body and it help to reduce the level of anxiety, increases the happiness and resilience resulting in improved peace of mind. It’s a controlled breathing exercise with specific posture and you exhale for longer time than inhale time. Include the deep breathing technique in your morning rituals.

Mindfulness for peace of mind

Many people generally live in past or worry about future. The past has bygone and no one has seen the future. Past is history, future is mystery and only thing which we have is Present. That’s why we call it “Present (gift)”. Forget the past or future; focus and live in the present moment. Practice mindfulness in day to day life. There is no need to evoke unpleasant memories or future worries and get submerged in them.

Work on relations for peace of mind

Relations always give happiness and work as support system in your tough times. Work on your relations. If you have strained relationships with parents or loved ones, try to repair these connections so that you can more fully accept yourself and your life. Enhance your interpersonal skills and have more patience and tolerance  with parents, family, friends, professional contacts and everyone else.


Be grateful in life. Being grateful for what you have in life is a great way to develop peace of mind. Gratitude helps you to see positive aspects of problems and challenges. Maintain a Grateful Diary. Write down every day for what all you are thankful on a particular day. Review that diary every Sunday and you will find god has given you so many relations, things and incidents to be grateful. It increases your satisfaction level and you experience peace of mind.

Self Love

Self-love brings inner peace. The more you like yourself, the greater your peace of mind. Through practicing self-love, you accept yourself more and feel comfortable in the world, no matter in what situation you find ourselves in. You experience less insecurity and as a result, your inner peace is heightened.

Forgive and Forget to have peace in the mind

Master the art of forgiveness. Don’t hold grudges. Holding grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head. Learn to forget and forgive. Nurturing ill feelings and grievances hurts you. If you carry the baggage of revenge and bad memories, gradually and consistently it snips peace of your mind.

Peace of Mind
Look at smile of these boys. They Have fewer resources, but have peace of mind

Be less materialistic

Try to live less materialistic life. By living a less materialistic life, I do not mean to become monk or give away all the pleasures of life. What all I mean is to be less possessive in life. Materialistic people run more towards earning money.

Running after money

“The goal of life is peace of mind not money, as fish finds peace in water not in honey” ~ Invajy

Accept the truth and find peace of mind

Accept the things which are not in your control and you can’t change them. Accepting the realities has helped me a lot in my life. We face so many problems, situations, behaviors, inconveniences and annoyances that are beyond our control. If we can change them, that’s perfectly fine, but this is not feasible every time. When it’s not possible, we must learn to manage such things and accept them optimistically.

Abolish media distractions

Curtail the time you spend on reading newspapers or watching the news on TV. The new source of news is social media. News on social media is most of the time false or fabricated. Since most of the news is negative news and you cannot do anything about them, you should avoid such stuff and block the negative vibes right away.

Stay away from Negativity

Try to stay in the company of people having positive approach in life. Stay away from negative conversations and from negative people. These people transfer their negative energy in your mind. Please don’t allow them to put their mental and emotional trash to into your subconscious mind and affect your moods and state of mind. Read motivational good morning quotes or inspirational stories to start your day with positivity.

Give a pause

Take a break from your life and go on holidays to unknown place without any worries. Spend time with family and close friends. Spend quality time along with special ones, who give you feeling of happiness and relaxed.

Find Peace of Mind

Observe Nature

Go on morning walks and observe the beauty, sit on the bank of a river, hike on mountains, spend time on beach, observe sunset and stars in night. Try to come close to nature, observe its beauty. It’s my personal experience natural beauty increases peace of mind.

Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy to get peace of mind. When I say busy, I mean to say involve yourself in activities you love to do or which challenges you. Such activities allow you to keep yourself busy according to your likes and abilities without over thinking. These activities may be related to your hobbies and competencies.

Give something to Society

Spend some time and money on social service. Giving something to society always creates a feeling of happiness and peace of mind. People who are in social service have more peace of mind. You may volunteer blood donation camps, medical camps or old age homes. Help financially some needy person. Donate books or blankets in winters. There are many other ways you can serve to the society.

Don’t compare

Don’t compare yourself with other people. Everyone is unique in this world and has different background, education level and experience; Comparing often creates jealousy, lower your self-esteem and generate inferiority complex within you. It ultimately leads disturbance in your peace of mind.

To conclude , having peaceful mind eventually leads to external peace. By creating peace in your inner world, in your mind, you bring it into your external world, and into other people’s lives.

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